This week we salute all the men, women and children in Teton County who operate farms and ranches here, raising food to feed the country. March is National Agriculture Week, a time for communities to recognize those whose work helps feed our nation.

Teton County has approximately 686 farms keeping 887,436 acres of land held free from subdivision. These farms and ranches not only raise cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry and horses, but they also provide habitat for wildlife from deer to elk and from badgers to grizzly bears. Most Montana farms and ranches do not receive any compensation from the state for hosting public wildlife so the least those of us who aren’t landowners can do is say thank you for helping keep Montana’s abundant wildlife.

We can also say thank you to those farmers and ranchers who work under inhospitable conditions (calving in -30 weather, for example, or fencing in 90-degree heat), who put the health and comfort of their animals first, and who work always to improve the condition of cropland and rangeland, who are good stewards of the land through the generations.