Fourth place

A Choteau player sets the ball during the Bulldogs final match against Florence-Carlton at the State Class B tournament in Bozeman. The Chotau girls ended an outstanding season in fourth place among all Class B teams. .

Choteau match recaps:

Florence-Carlton def. Choteau

The Florence-Carlton Falcons ended Choteau's volleyball season at the state tournament in Bozeman on Friday night, stopping Choteau, 3-1, in a match that featured hard hitting, jousts at the net, amazing saves, long rallies and wicked serving. The Falcons advance to play Joliet on Saturday. The loser of that match will finish in third while the winner will advance to play Huntley Project for the state championship.

In the first set, the Falcons rocked out to a 7-1 lead, hammering Choteau with Sarah Hopcroft and Jacklyn Balfourd kills. But then Balfourd lobbed a serve into the net and at, 2-7, Choteau began a run with Christine Funk serving. Choteau scored on two hitting errors, two aces and an Ellie Lee kill to tie the set, 7-7. 

Choteau at state

The Falcons answered with more big kills that Choteau couldn't slow down at the net, and at 10-10 began to pull away again. Coach Ann Funk started rotating freshman middle hitter Asia Bouma in to spell sophomore Taylor Asselstine and to break up the Falcons' momentum, but the No. 1 seed from the Western Division came up with the win, 25-17.

In the second set, the teams played point for point, but with the score tied, 6-6, Emma Gunderson rotated back to serve and Choteau scored on kills by Abby McCollom and Nicole Krone, on a hitting error and a serve-receive error to go up 10-6, taking the lead and keeping it for the rest of the game. All of Choteau's hitters were able to land kills against the Falcons and the girls did a great job of floor coverage on defense for the 25-19 win.

In the third set, Choteau led early but couldn't keep the Falcons from going on multi-point runs. The score was tied, 5-5, when Hopcroft came up with a big kill to give Florence the lead and then, with Jayden Hendrickson serving, the Falcons went on a six-point run to take the lead, 12-5. Choteau's girls kept up their intensity, playing up insane saves and working to find the weak points in the FC defense, but Florence came up with the 25-17 win.

State action

High above the net a Choteau player goes for a kill in the Bulldogs game against Florence-Carlton.

In the final set, Florence went up early, leading 4-1, but Choteau rallied, capitalizing on a few hitting errors and tied the set, 4-4, 5-5 and 6-6. With Hendricksen serving again, FC went on a eight-point run, taking a 14-6 lead on kills by Hopcroft, Yeoman and others. Florence controlled most of this set, but the Choteau girls made a great run, holding Florence at set and match point for eight points. Down 16-24, Taylor Asselstine came up with a kill to give Choteau sideout at 17-24. With Gunderson serving, Choteau scored on a kill by Krone and then a block by Asselstine. At 24-19, Florence called a timeout. The girls returned to the court and Choteau scored on three consecutive hitting errors and then a huge ace, to trail, 23-24. Hopcroft spoiled the rally, pounding down yet another cross-court kill for the win, 25-23. 

Choteau def. Shelby 

The Choteau High School Lady Bulldogs beat Shelby in straight sets, 3-0, on Friday afternoon to advance to play Florence-Carlton at 8 p.m. The loser of that match will finish the state tournament in fourth. The winner will advance to play the loser of the Huntley Project-Joliet semifinal. This was the seventh time the Bulldogs and the Coyotes met this season. Choteau won five of the seven meetings.

In the first set, the Choteau girls fell behind early but came back and tied the set at 4-4, 5-5, 6-6, and then fell behind again. They worked their way back with solid defense and tied the set, 14-14, on a net-skimming serve by Ada Bieler and then went ahead on a serve-receive error, 15-14. The two teams traded leads and tied it before Choteau went up, 22-18, on a big Ellie Lee kill. The girls then lost the serve on a hitting error and Shelby scored for unanswered points to tie the set, 22-22, on a Maddison Underdal block. Choteau answered with a cross-court kill by Nicole Krone and with the 23-22 lead, Krone rotated back to serve. Choteau went up 24-22 on a cross-court kill  by Emma Gunderson and won the set, 25-22, on a Shelby hitting error.

In the second set, the two teams played close early but Shelby went on a run and was up 12-9, when Krone landed a kill and the rotated back to serve. The girls scored five more consecutive points (mostly on errors and Krone's wicked serve) and took the lead, 15-12. Shelby threatened several times, but Choteau never let go of the lead again and won, 25-20, on a sweet little kill by Abby McCollom. Choteau freshman hitter Asia Bouma came into the front line late in this set and had a big kill to energize her team.

The final set was all Choteau. Shelby opened with the serve, but Krone ripped a kill into the backcourt and Choteau went on a 4-0 run. Another run, as Emma Gunderson served, put Choteau up 9-1 with great kills from Taylor Asselstine, Ellie Lee and Gunderson herself.

Leading 18-6, with Krone serving, the Choteau girls scored on two aces, two kills by Lee and a hitting error to go up, 23-6. The Shelby scored only once more on a rare service error, and Choteau put the set and match away, 25-7, scoring on an out-of-bound block and a hitting error.

Choteau def. Anaconda

The Choteau Lady Bulldogs came up with a solid 3-0 win over Anaconda in loser-out action Friday morning at the Class B volleyball tournament in Bozeman. The Choteau girls will next play at 4 p.m. against a familiar foe — Shelby — in loser-out action.

In the first set against Anaconda, the Choteau girls jumped out to a 5-0 lead, playing with confidence and capitalizing on Anaconda errors, and kept the lead throughout the set. Choteau controlled this match with solid serving and good play at the net. Choteau's Nicole Krone, Ellie Lee, Abby McCollom, Emma Gunderson and Taylor Asselstine all came up with kills in the win.

In the second set, the Choteau girls struggled much of the time, scrambling to run their offense and helping Anaconda out with service errors, setting mishaps and kills that missed the court. The teams played point for point and then Anaconda went on a run, going up 10-6. Choteau trailed the Copperheads for much of the rest of the set.


Down, 15-19, the Choteau girls started a slow rally. Christine Funk scored a kill with an unexpected tip and with McCollom serving scored on a net touch and a kill by Krone to draw within one, 18-19. Choteau lost the serve on a hitting error, and down, 18-20, the Choteau girls got sideout on big kill by Lee and Krone rotated back to serve. Choteau tied the set, 20-20, on a net touch and then went ahead, 21-20, on another Anaconda error. The girls led, 22-20, before Anaconda answered, scoring on a serve-receive error and a tip to the sideline.

Lee came up with a huge block to stop the Anaconda point run and, with a 23-22 lead, Funk rotated back to serve. The Choteau girls scored the final points of the set on a hitting error and a sharply angled Lee kill.

State action

In the third and final set, both sides fought hard, tying the set at 1-1, 3-3, 7-7, 8-8. Choteau took the lead, 9-8, on a kill by Krone and then scored a couple of quick points on Anaconda errors to go up, 12-9. Choteau never relinquished the lead after that, and began really running their offense in this set. Up 22-15, Gunderson rotated back to serve and the Lady Bulldogs scored on a kill by Krone, an ace and a hard push by Gunderson to the unguarded backcourt for the 25-15 win.

Latest scores

Match 9 — The Florence-Carlton girls defeated the Broadwater County High School Bulldogs from Townsend, 3 sets to 1, to advance in the tournament.

Match 8 — Choteau defeated Anaconda in straight sets, 25-17, 25-22, 25-15, to eliminate the Copperheads from the State Class B tournament in Bozeman on Friday. The Choteau girls will play Shelby in loser-out action at 4 p.m.

Match 7 — Florence-Carlton defeated Glasgow, 25-8, 25-22, 25-21, and will play Broadwater County High School in loser-out action at 2 p.m. Friday.

Match 6 — Joliet defeated Broadwater, 25-18, 31-29, 25-17, to advance to the semifinal against Huntley Project on Friday at 6 p.m.

Match 5 — Huntley Project defeated Shelby, 25-15, 25-13, 25-16. The Red Devils will advance to play Joliet in the semifinal Friday at 6 p.m. Shelby moves into loser-out action against the winner of the Choteau-Anaconda match.

Match 4 — Joliet defeated Anaconda, 25-18, 25-23, 25-16, and advanced to play Broadwater at 8 p.m.

Match 3 — Broadwater County High School from Townsend defeated Choteau, 25-22, 26-24, 10-25, 25-23. Choteau will play in loser-out action against Anaconda on Friday at noon.

Match 2 — Shelby defeated Florence-Carlton, 24-26, 25-14, 23-25, 25-17, 15-10. Shelby advances to play Huntley Project at 6 p.m. on Thursday. Florence-Carlton will play in loser-out action against Glasgow Friday at 10 a.m.

Match 1 — Huntley Project defeated Glasgow, 25-11, 25-12, 25-9, in the opening match at the state Class B tournament in the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse on the Montana State University campus.


State B Tournament

First round

Huntley Project def. Glasgow, 25-11, 25-12, 25-9

Huntley Project leaders — Aces 5 (Addy Hultgren 3); kills 31 (Emily Poole 13, Alana Graves 8); assists 28 (Hultgren 25, Macee Murphy 2); blocks 3 (Josee Krum 2); digs 60 (Hultgren 19, Josie Hasler 14, Poole 9, Sara Sumner 9).

Glasgow leaders — Aces 0; kills 16 (Taylor Pederson 5, Laura Ross 4, Rachelle Glaser 3); assists 9 (Glaser 9); blocks 3 (Keely Fossom 2, Pederson 2, Glaser 1); digs 44 (Anika Peters 9, Fossom 7, Ross 7, Glaser 7).

Shelby def. Florence-Carlton, 24-26, 25-14, 23-25, 25-17, 15-10

Shelby leaders — Aces 13 (Bailey Johnson 3, Brielle Aklestad 3); kills 47 (Maddison Underdal 19, Johnson 13); assists 46 (Johnson 25, Brook Luly 18); blocks 4 (Underdal 3); digs 83 (Luly 15, Johnson 14).

Broadwater def. Choteau, 25-22, 26-24, 10-25, 25-23

Broadwater leaders — Aces 4 (Alleigh Burdick, Taylor Noyes, Becca Payne, Becca Larson); kills 33 (Peyton Vogl 11, Payne 8, Trinity Wilson 7); assists 30 (Noyes 29, Larson 10; blocks 8 (Noyes 3, Vogl 3, Wilson 3); digs 107 (Burdick 35, Vogl 21, Anna Berg 20).

Choteau leaders — Aces 8 (Ada Bieler 2, Christine Funk 2, Soren Cummings 2); kills 38 (Nicole Krone 10); assists 31 (Christine Funk 22); blocks 2 (Ellie Lee 2); digs 133 (Ada Bieler 52).

Joliet def. Anaconda, 25-18, 25-23, 25-16

Joliet leaders — Aces 4 (Makenna Bushman 3, Shayla Webber 1); kills 31 (Bushman 14, Skyler Wright 7); assists 30 (Webber 23); blocks 3.5 (Bushman 1.5); digs 46 (Webber 12, Wright 9).

Anaconda leaders — Aces 6 (Bri Puyear 3); kills 28 (Isabell Saltenberger 6); assists 26 (Logan Stetzner 15); blocks 4 (Mia Sullivan 2); digs 57 (Melia Harris 20).

Second round

Huntley def. Shelby, 25-15, 25-13, 25-16

Huntley leaders — Aces 7 (Addison Hultgren 2, Macee Murphy 2, Josee Krum 2); kills 50 (Emily Poole 16, Alana Graves 15, Josie Hasler 11); assists 47 (Hultgren 42, Murphy 5); blocks 4 (Graves 4); digs 66 (Hasler 14, Poole 14, Murphy 13).

Shelby leaders — Aces 0; kills 23 (Maddison Underdal 14, Bailey Johnson 5); assists 20 (Johnson 12, Brook Luly 7); blocks 0; digs 43 (Underdal 13, Johnson 13).

Joliet def. Broadwater, 25-13, 31-29, 25-17

Joliet leaders — Aces 9 (Shayla Webber 2, Joelle Luoma 2, Skyler Wright 2); kills 41 (Luoma 15, Makenna Bushman 8, Wright 8); assists 38 (Webber 30, Merrin Schwend 8; blocks 6.5 (Wright 2.5); digs 86 (Luoma 22, Webber 18, Wright 18).

Broadwater leaders — Aces 5 (Taylor Noyes 3, Peyton Vogl 1, Alleigh Burdick 1); kills 22 (Trinity Wilson 6, Peyton Vogl 5, Becca Payne 3); assists 21 (Noyes 21); blocks 14 (Vogl 6, Noyes 3, Wilson 3); digs 63 (Burdick 23, ,Vogl 10, Noyes 9, Becca Larson 9).

Match 7

Florence-Carlton def. Glasgow, 25-8, 25-22, 25-21  (loser out)

Florence-Carlton leaders: Aces 7 (Jacklyn Balfourd 2, Kolbi Wood 2); kills 39 (Sarah Hopcroft 14); assists 27 (Halle Christopherson 13, Kasidy Yeoman 13); blocks 13 (Emma Stensrud 5, Hopcroft 5); digs 59 (Wood 13, Hopcroft 12).

Glasgow leaders: Aces 4 (Tyann Graham 2, Keely Fossum 1, Laura Ross 1); kills 24 (Ross 6, Taylor Pederson 5); assists 20 (Rachelle Glaser 18); blocks 1 (Fossum); digs 44 (Fossum 15, Glaser 9, Abrianna Nielsen 8).

Match 8 Choteau def. Anaconda, 25-17, 25-22, 25-15 (loser out)

Choteau leaders: Aces 4 (Nicole Krone 2); kills 25 (Ellie Lee 8); assists 21 (Christine Funk 21); blocks 11 (Lee 6); digs 78 (Krone 23).

Anaconda leaders: Aces 2 (Logan Stetzner, Aubrey Tuss); kills 22 (Mia Sulluvan-Sanders 6); assists 19 (Stetzner 13); blocks 5 (Isabel Saltenberger 2); digs 84 (Megan Reich 19).

Match 9 Florence-Carlton def. Broadwater, 25-17, 19-25, 27-25, 25-16 (loser out)

Florence-Carlton leaders: Aces 10 (Halle Christopherson 3, Emily Kinamon 3);kills 48 (Sarah Hopcroft 21); assists 43 (Kasidy Yeoman 21, Christopherson 19); blocks 13 (Emma Schwend 7); digs 110 (Hopcroft 29, Kolbi Wood 27).

Broadwater leaders: Aces 7 (Anna Berg 2, Becca Payne 2); kills 25 (Peyton Vogl 10, Payne 6, Trinity Wilson 4); assists 26 (Noyes 25); blocks 15 (Vogle 5, Wilson 5, Noyes 2); digs (total unavailable) Alleigh Burdick 28, Notes 20, Becca Larson 18).  

Match 10, Choteau def. Shelby, 25-22, 25-20, 25-7 (loser out)

Choteau leaders — Aces 9 (Nicole Krone 4); kills 28 (Ellie Lee 8, Krone 8); assists 28 (Christine Funk 19); blocks 8 (Lee 3, Abby McCollom 3); digs 65 (Funk 12).

Shelby leaders — Aces 1 (Brogan McAllister); kills 35 (Bailey Johnson 11, Maddison Underdog 5); assists 25 (Brook Luly 13, Johnson 11); blocks 9 (Underdal 5, Johnson 2); digs 53 (Brielle Aklestad 14, Reese Whitted 11).

Match 11, Huntley Project def. Joliet (semifinal)

Huntley leaders: Aces 4 (Jolee Krum 2); kills 42 (Emily Poole 19, Alana Graves 11, Josie Hasler 9); assists 41 (Addy Hultgren 38); blocks 6 (Graves 3); digs 59 (Poole 15, Hasler 14, Hultgren 10).

Joliet leaders: Aces 4 (Joella Luoma 2, Makenna Bushman 2); kills 34 (Bushman 13, Luoma 9, Shayla Webber 7); assists 29 (Webber 21, Merrin Schwend 8); blocks 5 (Kyelynn Coombe 1.5); digs 64 (Webber 17, Luoma 13, Bushman 12).

Match 12, Florence-Carlton def. Choteau (4th place), 25-17, 19-25, 25-17, 25-23

Florence-Carlton leaders: Aces 4 (Emma Stensrud 2); kills 49 (Sarah Hopcroft 28); assists 47 (Halle Christopherson 21, Kasidy Yeoman 19); blocks 9 (Stensrud 3, Yeoman 3, Hopcroft 3); digs 122 (Kolbi Wood 40).

Choteau leaders: Aces 8 (Emma Gunderson 3); kills 32 (Ellie Lee 13); assists 38 (Christine Funk 23); blocks 5 (Lee 3); digs 116 (Ada Bieler 36).