Speech and Drama

Speech and drama students from 16 schools descended on Choteau for the Frost and Flannel Filibuster Speech and Drama meet on Dec. 21.

Both the Choteau speech and drama teams captured second place in sweepstakes. Bigfork took first in both speech and drama in Class B and Glasgow finished in third place. In Class C, CJI took first in speech and drama, followed by Fort Benton in second and Power-Dutton/Brady in third. Havre, Class A, walked away with the sweepstakes in debate.

“The weekend was filled with competition as teams from all three B/C divisions were represented,” said Choteau High School speech and drama coach Cody Marney. “Lisette and I pride ourselves on bringing the best competitors together for a strong meet right before the holiday break.”

“Oftentimes, this is the meet where the status quo is flipped and the dark horse competitors start to emerge. The Choteau meet also signals the halfway mark to state. We have two regular season meets left before we move into the post-season,” Marney said.

Marney said Townsend brought the toughest drama competition from the south and Choteau’s drama competitors were able to get a taste of the level they need to rise to. “The same goes for the speech, with the toughest competition coming from Bigfork,” Marney said. “Both of Choteau’s teams kept pace and did well.”

“Tommy and Amber are staying consistent in their categories,” Marney said. “Hailey has recently switched to impromptu and is having great success. Abby and Jackson are consistently finding their groove and are getting better and better. They are both in two of the most competitive speech categories.”

“Ellie and Soren and Nick and Terrence battled back and forth all day and ended Saturday with the top two spots,” the Choteau coach said. “Anna and Jhulliet finally got to see some real competition in the classic theater category. Classic is hard due to the age restriction on pieces and they can be either humorous or dramatic. Katie and Rebekah are comfortable with their pieces and will be able to flesh them out and make them that much more believable.”

“The meet was a success and it would not have been possible without the judges and volunteers, Choteau High School support staff, the coaches and competitors,” Marney said. “A speech and drama meet is not as simple as arriving, playing the game and leaving. All of the prep work falls to the coaches — everything from inviting schools, registrations, judges, and all the paperwork and signage. Not to mention cleanup and final reports. We thank everyone for giving up a Saturday to help and ensure that Lisette and I continue to host the ever-popular holiday invitational.”

Lisette Hofer, a teacher at Dutton/Brady Public Schools, is the Choteau assistant speech and drama coach.


Frost and Flannel Filibuster

Lincoln-Douglas Debate — Paige Bertelsen, Harve, first; Xavier Ulano, Havre, second; Trista Redfield, Twin Bridges, third; Mackenzie Kuhn, Havre, fourth; Ken Davis, Glasgow, fifth; Hadley Cook, Fort Benton, sixth; Maddie Swindler, Glasgow, seventh.

Policy Debate — 1. Anton Young/Elyse Pendlay, Bigfork; 2. Dartanion Caftan/LillieAnn Mecklenburg, Havre.

Public Forum Debate — 1. Joram Randolph/Noah Teasley, Havre; 2.Dax Stone/Jordan St. Sauver, Bigfork.

Dramatic Oral Interpretation — 1. Ian Wright, North Star; 2. Trinity Deck, Fort Benton; 3. Austin Babb, Glasgow; 4. Jackson Quillan, Choteau; 5. Tanner Erker, Broadwater; 6. Cain Cole, CJI; 7. Winter Wilson, Fort Benton.

Humorous Oral Interpretation — 1.Connor Lawrence, Bigfork; 2. Aedan Hanson, Fort Benton; 3.Josie Arganbright, Fort Benton; 4. Josh Castaneda, Power-Dutton/Brady (PDB); 5. Collin Welch, North Star; 6. Kyie Salerno, Twin Bridge; 7.Tristan Molyneaux, Havre; 8. Garret Pedersen, North Star.

Extemporaneous — 1. Emma Wickum, CJI; 2. Amber Johnson, Choteau; 3. Tyler Broesel, Bigfork.

Impromptu — 1. Ben Keller, Bigfork; 2. Hailey Alzheimer, Choteau; 3. Brooke Melhoff, Twin Bridges; 4. Fynn Sukut, Glasgow; 5. Maggie Toeckes, PDB; 6. Bastien Grandy, Broadwater; 7. Andrew Hendrik, Bigfork; 8. Ben Kompel, Glasgow.

Informative — 1. Thomas Lesofski, Choteau; 2. Melanie Veith, Havre; 3. Alyssa Smith, Havre; 4. Lily Peterson, Bigfork; 5. Trista Klein, Shelby; 6. Molly Kurkowski, Bigfork.

Memorized Public Address — 1. Carson LeLacheur, Broadwater; 2. Shivell Norick, CJI; 3. Angelle Roen, Havre; 4. Jonah Wishman, Broadwater.

Original Oratory — 1. Kate Hemmer, Havre; 2. Kyran Neer, CJI.

Spontaneous Oral Interpretation — 1. Samantha May, CJI; 2. Elaine Atkinson, Havre; 3. Jazzmyn Ewing, PDB; 4. Tana Gorecki, Havre; 5.Pierce Marin, Fort Benton; 6. Abby Hadlock, Choteau; 7. Kaden Bach, Fort Benton; 8. Bailee Baxter, Glasgow.

Pantomine — 1. Kayden Greene, Broadwater; 2. Anthony Bodle, Broadwater; 3. Angela Haugen, Fort Benton; 4. Ellie Guthrie, Lincoln County; 5. Teddy Lee, Cut Bank.

Humorous Solo — 1. Joseph Pitassy, Broadwater; 2. Tyrell Johnson, Broadwater; 3. Katie Major, Choteau; 4. Jacqualyn McMullan, Cut Bank; 5.Rebekah Major, Choteau; 6.Chase Traum, Glasgow.

Drama Solo — 1. Isabelle Griffin, Glasgow; 2. Annaliese Hagood, Shelby; 3. Gracie Hines, Broadwater; 4. Daimon Marcum, Broadwater; 5. Jasmine Wilson, Fort Benton; 6. Raelee Dowden, Glasgow; 7. Retha Smith, North Toole; 8. Paula Altenkirch, Lincoln County.

Classical Theater — 1. Barta/Skyler Linge, West Yellowstone; 2. Ben Moldenhauer/Sam Coffin/Shane Pfeifer, West Yellowstone; 3. Kaitlyn Hahn/Tye Schritz, Broadwater; 4. Anna Heimbuck/Jhulliet Maltby, Choteau.

Dramatic Theater — 1. Eleanor Lee/Soren Cunnings, Choteau; 2. Nick Lohf/Terrance O’Neil, Choteau; 3. Will Lynde/Cassidy Johnson, Broadwater; 4. Madeline Richards-Schlarman/Emma Persson, Lincoln.

Humorous Duo — 1. Ronnie Steele/Scout Lynde, Broadwater; 2. Luke Fretheim/Michael Sanchez, Shelby; 3. Zo Everett/Jordan Jensen, Broadwater; 4. Camrynn Carter/Kaden Spear, West Yellowstone; 5. Jase Pursley/Liam Edwards, Chinook; 6. Sanne Maas/Sienna Everett, Broadwater; 7. Gavin Lemro/Grace Ymzon, Chinook; 8.Lexie Jo Croft/Liana Santos, Fort Benton.