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The Choteau High School speech team members Zack Quillan, Sareena Murnane, Amber Suek, Hannah Antonsen and Daniel Asselstine helped the team win fi rst place in speech sweepstakes at the Conrad Invitational meet on Nov. 11.

The Choteau High School speech and drama team brought home two individual first places and the first-place speech sweepstake trophy from the Conrad Invitational meet on Nov. 11.

Daniel Asselstine led the speech team with a first-place finish in informative speaking. Others placing in speech were Amber Suek, second place in original oratory; Hannah Antonsen, third in informative speaking; Zack Quillan, third, and Sareena Murnane, sixth, in impromptu speaking.

Arthur Merja and Alena Jackson won the classic duo competition to lead the drama students. Others placing were Terrance O’Neill, second in pantomime; Rebekah Major, sixth in dramatic solo; Soren Cummings, seventh in dramatic solo; and Dylan Brown, eighth in humorous solo.

“Conrad once again presented a wide range of competition from all three divisions as well as classes A-B-C,” assistant coach Lisette Langdorf said.

“The speech team truly surprised us this weekend by bringing home the first-place trophy,” head coach Cody Marney said. “We have typically been more drama heavy, but the speech team stepped up to the plate to clinch the top spot.”

“We have some new additions to the speech side, rejoining the team after a year off Murnane and Quillan battled hard in impromptu speaking coming across an array of quotes and cartoons, while newcomer to Choteau, Suek presented an original oration on the topic of bullying and suicide. These competitors coupled with our returning informative speakers, Asselstine and Antonsen, presenting speeches involving graphene and Crispr respectively, pushed Choteau over the edge for the trophy.”

“While our drama side was light this weekend, as we are still down a couple competitors, they fared well throughout the meet taking second place drama sweeps,” Marney said.

Marney said, Townsend is the team’s biggest competition on the drama side. “Coach Bakkum has successfully built a drama team with multiple entries in all categories except dramatic solo,” Langdorf said.

“Merja and Jackson took top honors in their classic theater duo centering around a first date at a football game,” Marney said. “O’Neill took us for a trip around the moon to secure his second-place finish.”

“The other half of our drama team struggled a little bit on Saturday,” Marney said. “Dylan Brown met some stiff competition telling us about his worst day ever. Two complete newcomers, Cummings and Major held their own within the dramatic solo category. It is never easy to walk into a meet, not ever doing anything like drama competition, but these two girls, worked hard all week and definitely learned a thing or two this weekend. They will only get better from here and we cannot wait to see where they are at the end of the season in January.”

Townsend took first place drama sweeps with 125 points to Choteau’s 39.

Acantha reporter

Acantha reporter