Ranch rodeo

The Salmond Ranch team won the first-place title at the Choteau Ranch Rodeo, held on Sept. 4, coming up with the best cumulative time out of 10 teams competing at the Choteau Rodeo Grounds.

The teams competed in team penning for one time, and then were given up to eight minutes to complete mugging, doctoring and trailering of three calves in a scramble format. The final time was a combination of their penning time and their scramble time.

Salmond Ranch team members won $2,400 in prize money and each received a belt buckle and a bag of horse feed. The team had a cumulative time of 3:40, which included a time of 1:34 in team penning and a combined time of 2:06 for mugging, doctoring and trailering. Team members were Jeff Salmond, Mark Salmond, Ben Neal, Matt Halmes and Jere Long.

A good crowd of 400-plus people turned out for the ranch rodeo, which allows cowboys and cowgirls to compete in events based on the challenges of everyday ranching. The Teton CattleWomen served concessions and sold squares for a cow-pie bingo. Cali Salmond won the bingo pot.

The A Team of Quentin McCauley, Bruce Neal, Jake Smeltzer, Colter Davis and Chase Erickson took second place with a cumulative time of 4:29. They won $1,440 and each received a horse blanket. Their team penning time was 1:34 and their combined mugging, doctoring and trailering time was 2:55.

The Sun River team took third place, winning $960 and each team member receiving a headstall. Team members were Jason Weaver, Kody Weaver, Matt Nisley, Dustin Weaver and Garrett Krone. Their time was 4:49 with 1:52 in team penning and 2:57 in the three-event scramble.

In fourth place was the Montana Livestock Auction team of Jessie Davis, Leo Tash, Matt Halmes, Chase Erickson and Tucker Morris. They each received cinches, halters and gloves. Their total time was 5:06 with 1:38 in team penning and 3:28 in the scramble.

The other teams, which did not win awards, placed as follows: fifth, Gypsy Basin Cattle Co. (Silas Clark, Jere VanDenBos, Matt Crabb, Jess Kropp and Don Thompson), 1:09 in team penning and 4:00 in the scramble for a total time of 5:09; sixth, Browntown Team (Frid England, Roy St. Goddard, Manny Boggs and Darrell Hall), 1:59 in penning and 3:19 in the scramble for a total time of 5:18; seventh, Bar 7 U (Rob Burdick, Cort Burdick, Pete Henderson, Tregg Olson and Marshall Willekes) 1:30 in team penning and 4:03 in the scramble for a total of 5:33; eighth, Farmington Flats (Curt Rasmussen, Quincy Rasmussen, Gus Lee, Ty Sutti and one other) 3:03 in team penning and 5:33 in the scramble for a total of 8:36; ninth, Johnson Ranch (Andrew Johnson, Marvin Johnson, Tim Hitchcock and others) 1:59 in team penning and 7:01 in the scramble for a total of 9:00; 10th, Harmon Quarter Horses (Danny Campbell, Remington Campbell, Lane Harmon, Dell Harmon and Chad Scarborough). They were disqualified in the penning event because they let six calves cross the line while sorting, and completed their scramble in 3:39.

Other awards given were:

•B.J. Johnson memorial award: Curt Rasmussen, who announced for the event, and competed on the Farmington Flats team.

•Luke Collins Rough Rider award: Jorden Briden.

•All-Around Cowboy: Ty Sutti on the Farmington Flats team.

•All-Around Cowgirl: Danny Campbell on the Harmon Quarter Horses team.

•Top Roper of the Day: Ben Neal on the Salmond Ranch team.

•Top Horse of the Day: Matt Crabb on the Gypsy Basin Cattle Co. team.

•Calcutta winners: first place, Ross Racine, $3,345; second place, Seth Hodgskiss, $2,008; third place, Frid England.

Ginger Weist of Choteau, who had worked at the ranch rodeo for 20 years, was given a certificate of appreciation for all of her hard work and support through the years.

Organizers thanked A Team members Bruce and Kristina Neal and family and friends who camped at the rodeo grounds and took it upon themselves to clean up all the trash. “We are humbled by your service,” organizer Lauren Long said.

Many area businesses and individuals supported the event through the donation of prizes and money.