Choteau High School will host a two-day tennis tournament on April 16 and 17 with more than 100 players from 10 teams expected to play.

Bulldogs head coach Carla May said the tournament will be run in a dual format. “We are hoping the weather will cooperate and the players see lots of matches over the two days,” she added. Action gets underway Friday at 10 a.m. and goes throughout the day and resumes at 8 a.m. on Saturday. Matches will be held on the courts at the school and by the courthouse.

When interviewed on Monday morning, May was just receiving confirmation from teams. Teams invited include Boulder, Poplar, Chester-Joplin-Inverness, Conrad, Three Forks, Simms, Harlem, Great Falls Central Catholic and Fairfield. There will be both girls and boys competing.

This is the second year Choteau has hosted the tournament, May said. Also in town on Saturday is the Choteau Acantha track meet. May said it will be busy weekend, but it is nice to see the student athletes competing and enjoying the time outdoors.

This past weekend, Choteau played in Great Falls, participating in a number of varsity dual matches. “It was cold and windy,” May said. “Not the best conditions for playing, but our kids didn’t complain and took to the courts whenever they were up and even when there was an open court and they could play for 20 minutes or so.”

“I was really proud of the team,” May said. “Serving was a challenge for sure.”

Again, May emphasized it isn’t all about wins and losses, but getting time on the court and hitting the ball back and forth.

May gave a shout out to the Bulldogs’ lone boy this week, sophomore Matthew Haas. “With no season last year, the last time he saw any significant time on the court was when he was an eighth grader,” May said. “He is going up against players who have indoor courts allowing for more practice time. He doesn’t complain and is willing to play against whoever he is asked to. He teamed up with a player from Great Falls Central Catholic in doubles and got some good experience playing in doubles.”

The coach also singled out the playing of Christine Funk. “She and doubles partner, Soren Cummings, played a tough match, winning in overtime after being on the court for an hour and half and Chris still went out and played a singles match against Missoula Loyola’s Deschans — a state placer in 2019,” May said. “She lost twice to Deschans, but she gained great experience that will help with her doubles game.”

Dual matches Choteau abd GFCC teamed up in Great Falls

Girls individual results

Anaconda, April 9 — Singles: Ainsley DeBruycker def. Skocilich, 8-2; Ella Peach def. Staley, 8-0; Bellamy Beadle def. Berrington, 8-2; doubles: Christine Funk/Soren Cummings lost to E. Vincent/K. Horner (GFCC), 6-8.

Missoula Loyola, April 9 — Singles: Funk lost to Deschans, 3-8, DeBruycker lost to Cummings (Loyola), 8-7, Peach lost to Camp 3-6. Beadle defeated Warrisley, 6-1; Doubles: Cummings/Milkovich def. Camp/Warrisley, 8-1.

Valley Christian, April 9 — Singles: Peach lost to T. Muroz, 2-8; Beadle lost to T. Henry, 4-8; DeBruycker lost to E. DeGroot 1-8; doubles: Funk/Cummings def. Muroz/Henry, 8-1.

Missoula Loyola, April 10 — Singles: Peach def. Camp, 8-4; DeBruycker def. Ali Milkovich (GFCC), 8-7, Funk lost to Deschans, 2-4; doubles: Funk/Cummings def. Grace/Ava, 8-8, tie break 8-6.

Anaconda, April 10 — Singles: Beadle def. M. Law, 6-4 and def. Purpura (GFCC), 6-1; Peach def. Skocilich, 8-0; doubles: Funk/Cummings def. Vincent/Horner (GFCC), 6-1, 8-3; Peach/DeBruycker def, Shepherd/Aderhold (GFCC), 6-6, tiebreak: 7-1.

Boys individual results

Anaconda, April 9 — Singles: Matthew Haas def. Anaconda player, 8-7.

Valley Christian, April 10— Singles: Haas lost to J. Larson, 4-8; doubles: Haas/Shepherd lost to Valley Christian doubles team, 2-8.

Missoula Loyola, April 10 — Singles: Haas lost to Liem, 3-8; April 10: singles: Haas lost to Loyola player, 2-8; doubles: Haas/Shepherd lost to Loyola team 6-8.

Anaconda, April 10 — Singles: Haas lost to Warren (GFCC), 2-6.