The 2020 Teton County 4-H Fair award winners in exhibits, displayed at the Choteau Pavilion, were:

Division winners — Waverly Konen, dress and sling; Antonia Diekhans, sewing; Antonia Diekhans, machine-appliqued item; Wyatt Murphy, lemon bundt cake; Hannah Martin, collection of baked goods; Abram Martin, cake pops; Madeline Konen, pie; Waverly Konen, mini watercolor; Maggie Toeckes, pencil sketch, silk painting and watercolor; Justin Forseth, burning stubble video; Kwin Briscoe, still life photograph & photograph showing symmetry and asymmetry; Nolan Forseth, welded chair & video of a year of welding; Wyatt Ulsh, welded tip chute; Charlie Long, wooden tray; Bellamy Beadle, dining room table; Kyona Yeager, recipe book; and Trinity Knable, horse project book.

Rosette Winners by divisions:

Division 2 (sewing and textiles) — Waverly Konen, sling; Maggie Toeckes, wool knit skirt and item with waistband; Antonia Diekhans, pillowcase with band, pajama pants; Saber Allen, small zippered pouch; Grace Toeckes, sleeveless shirt and skirt.

Division 3 (quilting, crochet, knitting and embroidery) — Antonia Diekhans, machine-appliqued item; Myles Allen, quilt and quilt design creation.

Division 4 (food and nutrition) — Summer Watkins, salsa; Abram Martin, decorated cake; Abram Martin, cream puffs; Claire Long, bread; Hannah Martin, challah; Bellamy Beadle, apple pie; Addison Christensen, decorated cake; Madeline Konen, pie.

Special foods awards — Florence Weist Memorial Baking Award, Wyatt Murphy with lemon bundt cake; Specialty Bread Award sponsored by Maryetta Hodgskiss, Hannah Martin with whole wheat rolls and Abram Martin with whole wheat bread.

Division 5 (arts and creative) — Maggie Toeckes, pencil sketch, silk painting and watercolor; Annika Konen, mini watercolor; Waverly Konen, mini watercolor; Madelena Preston, horse team painting & Montana outline pencil drawing.

Division 6 (photography) — Kwin Briscoe, still life photograph, photograph showing symmetry and asymmetry, formal portrait and photography; Justin Forseth, burning stubble video.

Division 11 (power equipment/small engines, aerospace, bicycle, electricity, robotics, welding) — Nolan Forseth, welded chair & video of a year of welding; Wyatt Ulsh, welded tip chute.

Division 12 (woodworking) — Bellamy Beadle, dining room table; Charlie Long, wooden tray.

Division 13 (home environment, child development, self-determined, leadership, exchange, schoolwork, babysitting, club exhibits, scrapbooks and record books) — Kyona Yeager, recipe book.

Division 14 (pocket pets, small animals, horse, beef, swine and lamb breeding) — Avery Banner, interview with horse judge.