Fourth run

Just shy of 20 runners participated in the 2020 Fourth of July Choteau Fun Run sponsored by the nonprofit Grizzly Activity, Inc.

The 3.45-mile race was limited to the first 50 runners to register in advance. There was no race-day registration, no bibs and no official times kept.

The unofficial times for the runners who participated were: 20:50, Chad Bishop, Missoula; 23:26, Clay Warren, Murfreesboro, Tennessee; 23:55, Kyra Bouma, Choteau; 24:48, Drew Warren, Murfreesboro; 25:25, Rachel Cole Harter, Gig Harbor, Washington; 25:26, Chris Bechtold, Choteau; 27:31, Paul Fura, Great Falls; 29:15, Brent Bateman, Tualatin, Oregon; 29:39, Lana Warren, Murfreesboro; 32:17, Jacob Bishop, Missoula; 34:49, Kyla Simon, Cardwell; 34:49, Cayla Morel, Choteau; 38:39, Jerry Breen, Choteau; 48:22, Madysen Adams, Choteau; 50:22, Rael Morel, Choteau; 50:22, Peyton Morel, Choteau; 59:31, Fava Evensen, Choteau.

Kara and Haylee Ellsworth of Steubenville, Ohio, also ran from the Elk Country Grill building to the finish line. Haylee is a young girl and did not know whether she could do the complete distance but wanted to run in her first “fun run” with her mom so they did a shorter distance. No time was available for either runner.

The local runners organization obtained permission from the Teton County Health Department by submitting a written plan for review and following the instructions offered by the health department.