Fairfield girls

Fairfi eld High School seniors Payton Poor, Emily Clotfelter and Emily Evans passed their test to become emergency medical technicians. The three took an emergency medical responder class and transitioned into the EMT class to become EMTs. All three plan to go into the medical fi eld after college.

Besides earning their diploma from Fairfield High School, seniors Emily Clotfelter, Emily Evans and Payton Poor all became emergency medical technicians this last weekend.

The three students were enrolled in Fairfield High School teacher Loren Tacke’s class this past semester. This class is taught in cooperation with the Teton County Emergency Medical Services and EMS Director, Deb Coverdell.

The girls started out taking Tacke’s Emergency Medical Responder class and transitioned into the EMT class. To become an EMT, the students must be 18 years of age and graduated from high school, complete a state-approved EMT training program, possess a valid CPR/AED certification and pass a practical and written state test.

After their initial certification, the students can go on and gain additional certifications in other areas. A few of the areas covered in the EMT class include: patient assessment, airway management, pharmacology, shock, medical emergencies, trauma emergencies, childbirth, EMS operations and general health care.

Tacke is a retired EMT and has been teaching EMR classes in the school for the past 15 years. The EMT class has been offered for the past four years. “It is great to get the young people involved in our community,” Tacke said. “This is an opportunity for them to really make a difference in somebody’s life. I am very proud of these three young ladies. They worked hard to become EMTs and I know they will make a difference.”