The Choteau High School boys and girls tennis teams kicked off their season March 276 at the Cut Bank Invitational.

Teams from Choteau, Cut Bank, Havre and Conrad attended the invitational with bracketed play starting at 8 a.m. For the opening competition, the weather was sunny and a bit chilly at 25 degrees and by the afternoon the wind was howling, said Choteau head coach Carla May.

“It was a great way to start the season,” May said. “The invitational gave us the opportunity to compete in situational play that is hard to effectively drill in practice. The athletes played an eight-game pro set format with the championship matches going to 10. I was very proud of all of the Choteau athletes.”

This was the first competition at the high school level for sophomores Matthew Haas and Ella Peach. Christine Funk, Soren Cummings and Katie Major all played in the state tournament two seasons ago, May said.

Bellamy Beadle, who had injured her knee during volleyball in the first week of practice, played strong in the singles bracket.

May said the rest of the team was unable to hit the courts for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, the team will be down one player as Anna Stutz re-injured her leg from wrestling and is out for the season.

The team will play Thursday, April 1, at home in a triangular with Simms and Fairfield starting at 1 p.m.

Cut Bank Invitational

Girls singles

Bellamy Beadle — def. Overstreet, Cut Bank, 8-1; def. Frandsen, Conrad, 8-0; def. Yttredahl, Cut Bank, 10-3.

Ella Peach — def. Hutton, Conrad, 8-4; def. Mangold, Harlem , 8-2; def. by Katie Major, Choteau, 3-10.

Major — def. Johnson, Harlem, 8-1; def. Killian, Conrad, 8-0; def. Peach, Choteau, 10-3.

Girls doubles

Christine Funk/Soren Cummings — def. Kaftan/Greenwood, Harlem, 8-0; def. Broesder/Vermulum, Conrad, 8-1; def. Ralph/Crantz, Harlem, 10-2.

Boys singles

Matthew Haas — def. Arensmeyer, 8-5; def. Black ,10-3.