Honor choir

Close to 140 musicians from 21 schools participated in the North Central honor band and choir festival Nov. 27-28 in Choteau.

The choir under the direction of former Choteau resident Scott Corey performed six musical selections. They were accompanied by pianist and music teacher Jeanette McCormick from Choteau.

Corey, who earned his music education degree from Montana State University, is the director of music and art for the Billings Public School system and a 1977 graduate of Choteau High School, where he sang in choir and played trombone in band under the direction of Lloyd Reynolds.

The band was under the direction of Gary Gillett, who retired in 2016 from his job as chairman of the music department at Sentinel High School. Gileete taught for almost 30 years with Missoula County Public Schools and 41 years teaching in total. He has also conducted the Missoula municipal band.

Both the choir and band rehearsed for two days and topped off the experience with a concert in the Choteau High School auditorium on Nov. 28. The band played five pieces in the concert.

The area schools and their band/choir directors involved in the concert included, Augusta under the direction of Susan Ford; Choteau, Lorran Depner; Dutton/Brady, Luke Juras; Fairfield, Ben Watson; and Power, Stacie Yeldell.

Other schools included Belt, Big Sandy, Box Elder, Browning, Cascade, Centerville, Chinook, CJI (Chester-Joplin-Inverness), Cut Bank, Fort Benton, Great Falls Central Catholic, Harlem, North Star, Shelby, Simms and Sunburst.

The following local students participated in the event:

•Honor band

Flute: Hunter Fisher, Augusta; Sierra Sievers, Power; and Kate Stott, Choteau.

Clarinet: Bailey Deshner, Hanna Antonsen and Amber Johnson, Choteau.

Bass clarinet: Jae Allen, Augusta.

Alton saxophone: Ellie Lee, Choteau.

Trumpet: Grace Weber, Dutton/Brady; Elsa Bechtold, Choteau.

Trombone: Zack Quillan, Choteau.

Percussion: Andrew Wambach and Jared Smith, Fairfield.

•Honor choir

Soprano 2: Sam Talkington and Parsche Numphancy, Augusta; Katrina Pearson, Fairfield; Anna Jamison and Cassidy DeBruycker, Choteau.

Alto 1: Maggie Jensen, Power; Tasha Reeve and Grace Feldmann, Dutton/Brady; Destiny Buckman, Choteau.

Alto 2: Jordan Olsen, Augusta; Tylia Hawkins, Fairfield; Maggie King, Choteau.

Tenor 1: Ben Weisner and Bridger White, Augusta; Ethan Schenk, Fairfield; Tony Daley and Watson Snyder, Choteau.

Tenor 2: Turk Mills, Augusta; Joey Zylks and Bo Andrews, Power; Dylan Riphenburg, Fairfield; Declan Fladstol, Choteau.

Bass 1: Conan Rehm, Jacob Boetticher and Dominik Dunk, Power; Dakota Daley, Choteau.

Bass 2: Mason Sellers, Choteau.

Acantha reporter

Acantha reporter