Got Grit

The ninth annual Got Grit? obstacle course on July 3 in the Choteau City Park drew 148 participants, many of them children.

The three-mile obstacle course featured 31 different obstacles as the course wound around the east side of the city. David Sweigart, 19, of Rancho Cucamonga, California, was the first male runner across the finish line with a time of 24:06, winning for the second year in a row. Alisha Breen, 24, of Billings, was the first woman to finish with a time of 31:06. They each received cash awards.

The race finished in the City Park with plenty of spectators on hand to cheer on the participants. The proceeds from this obstacle race help defray the costs of the Choteau volleyball girls’ summer team camp trip to Utah. Choteau High School volleyball coaches Ann Funk and Carla May along with team members, parents and many other volunteers put the race on every year on July 3rd.

May, the assistant volleyball coach, said this year’s race went very well — the weather cooperated, the racers gave positive feedback on the 31 obstacles (the most ever) and the volleyball girls as always are thankful for all the volunteers that helped and everyone who participated.

May said the race organizers are already planning for the 10-year anniversary of Got Grit on Friday, July 3, 2020. They are hoping to add some new twists and celebrate the history of the race.

The top 25 finishers in the race (all times unofficial) were: 1. David Sweigart, 24:06; 2. Percy Bechtold, Choteau, 24:12; 3. Miguel Ramos, Choteau, 24:18; 4. Damon Andersen, Knoxville, TN, 25:50; 5. Gage Cummings, Choteau, 26:52; 6. Jesse Ripley, Wasilla, AK, 28:32; 7. Russell Gagne, Fairfield, 29:51; 8. Kyle Jenson, 30:12; 9. Nathan Gunderson, Choteau, 31:04; 10. Alisha Breen, 31:06; 11. Dylan Wilson, 31:18; 12. Gus Johnson, Bynum, 21:26; 13. Travis Sherman, 32:06; 14. Bronson Bruneau, 32:10; 15. David Hirschfeld, Choteau, 32:49; 16. Paiten Braseth, 34:03; 17. Paige Braseth, 34:07; 18. Kruz Daley, 34:09; 19. Name unavailable, 34:13; 20. Trent Taylor, Choteau, 34:40; 21. Ledger Martin, Conrad, 34:47; 22. Dax Yeager, Choteau, 34:56; 23. William Patterson, 35:01; 24. Tallin McCartney, Choteau, 35:05; 25. D.J. Luscher, Los Alamos, NM, 35:06.