Choteau High School football players were among those named to the eight-man All-State and All-Conference selections.

Choteau’s Bryan Ballard, Pete Henderson and Kyler Crabtree were named to the Northern B-C All-State selctions.

Others named to that list were Wyatt Brusven, Tanner Parson, Mark Clark, Damon Irvin and Dillon Luly all from Shelby, Copper Davis, Carson McGuiness and Jadon Davis from Centerville, Tyler Wanken and Jackson Diemert from CJI and Ethan Vincent, Luke Marmon, Riley Dickenson, Noah Ambuehl, Casey Dane and Isaac Armstrong from Great Falls Central Catholic (GFCC).

Those receiving honors in the North A subdivision for eight-man football, which included Choteau, were:


Center — First team: Wanken, senior, CJI. Second team: Quinn Pray, junior, GFCC.

Offensive guard — First team: Ballard, senior, Choteau; Dane, senior, GFCC. Second team: Shamus McNeil, senior, Choteau.

Wide receiver — First team: Crabtree, junior, Choteau; Vincent, senior, GFCC. Second team: Armstrong, senior, GFCC.

Tight end — First team: Marmon, senior, GFCC. Second team: Shane Willekes, senior, Choteau.

Quarterback — First team: Ambuehl, senior, GFCC. Second team: Johnny Rappold, junior, Choteau.

Fullback — First team: Diemert, senior, Chester-Joplin-Inverness (CJI). Second team: Bryce Gramm, junior, Choteau.

Running back — First team: Henderson, senior, Choteau; Dickinson, senior, GFCC. Second team: Kaimen Evans, senior, Belt. Honorable mention: Lane Fischer, sophomore, CJI.

Punter/kicker — First team: Ambuehl, GFCC.


Safety — First team: Vincent, GFCC. Second team: Diemert, CJI.

Outside linebackers/cornerback — First team: Crabtree, Choteau; Marmon, GFCC. Second team: Spencer Richter, junior, CJI. Honorable mention: Matt Mendenhall, senior, GFCC.

Inside linebackers — First team: Henderson, Choteau; Dickinson, GFCC. Second team: McNeil, Choteau; Evan Dahinden, senior, CJI. Honorable mention: Brandon Wall, junior, Belt.

Defensive line — First team: Ballard, Choteau; Wanken, senior, CJI. Second team: Seth Duran, senior, Box Elder. Honorable mention: Quinn Pray, junior, GFCC.

Defensive end — First team: Dane, junior, GFCC. Second team: Evans, senior, Belt.