Ivan Doig’s birthday will be celebrated from afar in 2020.

Each year since the author’s death in 2015, the Dupuyer Community Club has invited the public to a birthday party in honor of Ivan Doig’s birthday on June 27. Organizers are saddened to say they will be taking a hiatus this year, and hope to resume the tradition in 2021.

“Thanks to all who have supported this event for the past four years,” Mary Tonkovich, Dupuyer Community Club member said. “If you drive the Ivan Doig Memorial Highway on U.S. 89 this summer, stop in Dupuyer to visit the commemorative sheepherder’s monument,” she suggested.

Club members also invite the public to join them in reading one of Doig’s books this summer. “Let it take you away from the stress of this time,” Tonkovich added.