Fairfield Public Schools Superintendent Dustin Gordon asked the trustees to weigh in on policies pertaining to extra- and co-curricular drug testing and home school credits and the addition of grade percentages to report cards during the Sept. 12 board meeting.

Gordon explained student drug testing is already in the district’s policy but has not been used in the past. He said the administration is looking into the option. He has received positive feedback from other superintendents within the Northern Class B. Gordon said eight of the 11 schools within the Northern B are doing drug testing in some form. Neither Fairfield nor Choteau in Teton County do drug testing in their school systems.

Gordon told the board the administration thinks the timing is right. Certainly, some of the challenges the district had with students’ use of illegal substances last spring is motivation, he said. But even more is helping the students make right choices and if they don’t and it is discovered due to testing, then getting the students the help they need as a result. He said one of the benefits is providing an “out” for those students who may be tempted by peer pressure to part take in illegal substance use. “Those students who don’t wish to use illegal substances can tell their friends they can’t take a chance with the random testing,” Gordon said.