The Fairfield Sailfish traveled to Shelby June 8 for the first swim meet of the season.

A total of 136 swimmers attended the one-day meet, including the seven swimmers from Fairfield.

In this first meet of the season, Fairfield coaches did not set high expectations for times or places on the team. The Fairfield swimmers and coaches reported this meet was more of a “let’s see where we’re at for the beginning of the season” rather than meeting expectations of personal best times and record swims.

All of the Sailfish swimmers far exceeded their coaches’ expectations.

Brothers Kolt and Remi Gough used smooth, powerful strokes to earn first-place finishes in their backstroke events. Riley Gough swam the 200 IM for her first time ever and looked like a pro as she captured first place by a large margin, said Coach Beth McWilliams.

Toryn Martinez also looked strong in her freestyle and backstroke events and won the high point award for her age group by placing first in all of her events. Strong performances also came from Tana Gough, who proved that fly is one of her premier strokes by swimming the 200 IM and the 50 and 100 fly. She earned first place in all her events and was the high point winner for her age group as well.

Brooke and Alexis McWilliams also had great swims for the start of the season. Brooke posted personal best times in her freestyle swims and Alexis continued her dominance in the IM and breaststroke events.

Overall, the entire team far exceeded their coaches’ expectations of how swimmers would do after only a week of practice. “Once the meet was over, the team knew that they had an impressive start to the season,” McWilliams said.

In individual results at the Shelby meet, swimmers placed as follows:

Remi Gough: 1st, 25 back; 4th, 25 free.

Kolt Gough: 1st, 50 back; 7th, 100 free; 10th, 50 free.

Riley Gough: 1st, 200 IM; 1st, 50 fly; 2nd, 50 back.

Tana Gough: 1st, 200 IM; 1st, 50 fly; 1st, 100 fly; high point award for 13-14 girls.

Toryn Martinez: 1st, 50 free; 1st, 100 free; 1st, 50 back; high point award for 11-12 girls.

Brooke McWilliams: 2nd, 50 free; 2nd, 100 free; 2nd, 100 breast.

Alexis McWilliams: 1st, 200 IM; 1st, 100 breast; 2nd, 100 free.

The Fairfield Sailfish had a strong showing at the Bitterroot Invitational Swim Meet in Hamilton June 8 and 9.

Out of the 21 races swum by the seven Sailfish, 16 resulted in personal best times with improvements ranging from one to 14 seconds.

Brooke McWilliams had a great weekend of swimming, as she dropped time in all three of her races and improved her place seedings from Saturday prelims swims to Sunday finals in each of her three events.

Toryn Martinez, and Remi and Tana Gough also had personal best times in each of their races, with Martinez dropping a whopping seven seconds in her 100 free and Remi Gough swimming nine seconds faster in his 50-freestyle race. Tana Gough swam a technically sound and strong 200 IM race, improving her personal best time by 14 seconds. She also earned high point honors in the 13-14 girls age group by finishing first in all of her races.

Alexis McWilliams won the high point award for the 15-19 girls by earning two first places and a second.

Fairfield’s individual results at Hamilton were:

Remi Gough: 2nd, 25 free; 3rd, 25 back; 4th, 50 free.

Kolt Gough: 3rd, 50 back; 4th, 50 free; 4th, 100 free.

Riley Gough: 1st, 200 IM; 1st, 50 fly; 2nd, 50 back.

Tana Gough: 1st, 200 IM; 1st, 50 fly; 1st, 100 fly; high point award 13-14 girls.

Martinez: 1st, 50 free; 1st, 50 back; 2nd, 100 free.

Brooke McWilliams: 2nd, 100 breast; 3rd, 50 free; 3rd, 100 free.

Alexis McWilliams: 1st, 200 IM; 1st, 100 breast; 2nd, 100 free; high point award 15-19 girls.