Erickson intercepted a Bearcat pass and took it all the way to the house for the Titans’ first touchdown of the game. DGS answered with two scores of their own, but the Titans punched in two more scores in the opening frame to go up 22-19.

Despite the close first quarter, the Titans opened up the game and cruised to victory. The Titan defense had another standout game, forcing several interceptions and fumbles while shutting out DGS for two quarters. Next, the Titans will next play Box Elder in Dutton on Sept. 14 at 2 p.m.


PDB 22-13-22-0 — 57

DGS 19-0-0-6 — 25

Titans — Tyce Erickson 6-yd. interception return. (Clay Blankenship kick.)

DGS — Brodie Goodhart 50-yd. pass from Zack Solomon. (Kick failed.)

DGS — Zach Solomon 15-yd. pass from Ace Becker. (Kick blocked.)

Titans — Jackson Widhalm 24-yd. fumble return. (Kick failed.)

DGS — Zach Solomon 3-yd. run. (Ayers pass from Becker.)

Titans — Blankenship 11-yd. pass from Nicholas Widhalm. (Kick failed.)

Titans — Ben Lehnerz 24-yd. pass from N. Widhalm. (Erickson pass from N. Widhalm.)

Titans — Blankenship. 13-yd. pass from N. Widhalm. (Pass failed.)

Titans — J. Widhalm 31-yd. run. (Blankenship kick.)

Titans — Spencer Lehnerz 15-yd. pass from N. Widhalm. (Blankenship kick.)

DGS — Kain Vincent 18-yd. pass from Becker. (Kick failed.)