New mural

Augusta art teacher Megan Genthner is pictured with art students, Bradi Hill, Jae Allen and Rylee Shalz, in front of the mural they painted in the school gymnasium.

The Augusta High School art program has painted a breathtaking mural of Haystack Butte in the school gymnasium.

Haystack Butte is an iconic landmark for the town of Augusta, nestled in the Rocky Mountain Front just outside of the community. “The art students captured the rugged beauty of this mountain perfectly. It is a truly accurate rendition of what Haystack Butte looks like in the spring when all the bright yellow sunflowers are in full bloom,” Megan Genthner, Augusta Schools art teacher, said.

Genthner, along with three students — seniors Jae Allen and Bradi Hill and junior Rylee Shalz — put in countless hours to paint the mural.

“The work has great texture and depth,” she added.

The students included a hyper-realistic elk shed to represent the school mascot, the Elks. This shed is painted from a reference photo of a real elk shed harvested by the U.S. Forest Service in the area.

“They have really outdone themselves painting this giant mural that spans the whole northwestern corner of the gym,” Genthner said.

The teacher said she can’t wait for the public to see the finished painting. The students will be recognized during the first home volleyball game of the season.