The Fairfield swim team spent the past weekend in Conrad where the two youngest Sailfish showed their team the benefits of hard work and determination.

The entire team impressed their coaches with amazing swims, but it was brothers Remi and Kolt Gough who wowed their coaches this weekend with their marked improvement in both stroke technique and speed. “Both Remi and Kolt have refined their strokes and built up their endurance since the beginning of the season, and in the process, have become more versatile swimmers,” Coach Beth McWilliams said.

Evidence of this came this weekend when Remi and Kolt swam the 100 IM (four total lengths with one length each of butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle) for the first time this season. “The boys used grit and solid stroke technique to finish strong with Remi placing second and Kolt seventh in their age groups,” McWilliams said. “Both boys have also dropped time in their races since the start of the summer which makes each of them increasingly more competitive every weekend.”

Not to be outdone by their brothers, sisters Riley and Tana Gough also had a great weekend of swimming. “Riley used minimal breathing and powerful pulls in her fly and quick pacing in her backstroke to post personal best times in both of these races,” McWilliams said. “She also took home high point honors for the 11-12 girls.

“Tana dropped time in all three of her races and earned the high point award for 13-14 girls by using quick, strong turns and beautiful stroke technique to outpace her competitors,” the coach said.

“Congratulations goes to Toryn Martinez for the race of the meet,” McWilliams said. “Coming from behind in the 50 backstroke, she used her powerful kick and pull to out touch her opponent by 0.02 of a second.” Martinez also had an excellent 100 free swim and improved her personal best time in this race by two seconds.

Brooke McWilliams has also become a versatile swimmer, swimming everything from the short distances to the longer ones and even challenging herself by swimming a variety of strokes. “Brooke continually looks for ways to improve her stroke technique and her race strategy, and by following the advice of her coaches, she swam a second faster in her breaststroke event and a second and a half in her fly,” coach said.

The team travels to Chester next weekend for their last regular meet before the divisional meet in Cut Bank July 27-28.

Individual results:

Remi Gough: 2. 100 IM; 7. 25 back.

Kolt Gough: 7. 100 IM; 6. 50 back; 10. 50 breast.

Riley Gough: 1. 200 IM; 1. 50 fly; 3. 50 back; high point winner 11-12 girls.

Tana Gough: 1. 200 IM; 1. 50 fly; 1. 100 fly; high point winner 13-14 girls.

Toryn Martinez: 1. 50 back; 2. 200 free; 3. 50 free.

Brooke McWilliams: 2. 100 breast; 6. 100 free; 8. 200 free.