Fairfield Junior Women’s club is making plans to once again host a Halloween Trunk or Treat this year.

The club is making changes based on suggestions from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Teton County Health Department in order to keep the community safe, said Club President Helen Music.

“Keep in mind these plans are subject to change based on COVID-19 restrictions at time of event,” Music added. “Please help us follow these rules so we can safely provide Halloween fun for our community.”

Among the changes will be spreading out the “trunks” down the length of a street that is blocked off, allowing for social distancing between groups

The trunk or treat will be a “one-way street” with a clearly marked entrance and exit.

Those attending will be asked to please wear a mask as part of their costume.

Area residents and business owners who wish to host a trunk for the event will need to have all candy/treats individually wrapped and/or pre-packaged. Music said those running the trunks will be responsible for placing treats into trick-or-treaters’ bags. “Kids cannot reach into treat container to grab treats,” Music said.

To make this work, those attending will be asked to please keep distance between families/groups and move through the trunks at a reasonable pace to prevent large groups from forming at the entrance or along the street.

“As always, if you aren’t feeling well or aren’t comfortable in a group scenario at the time of the event, please stay home,” Music said.

Feel free to reach out to Music with any questions or concerns at 781-4243 or contact any member of the Fairfield Junior Women’s club.

Final details, including the timeframe for the event, will be made available before the event. Updates will be made to the “Fairfield Trunk or Treat” Facebook page.

“If you are a business or individual that would like to have a trunk, please let us know so we can have an idea on numbers,” Music said.