Great Falls College Montana State University is working to promote a healthier campus by providing healthy snacks, mini workshops and a new outdoor area for students, faculty and staff, according to a news release from the college.

The Office of Student Activities secured a $5,000 grant from Healthy Colleges Montana (HCM) to help promote the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Of that grant, $2,000 goes toward student scholarships. Recipients assist with leading the health campus campaign. This last year, students created a slogan, “Stay Strong — Live Strong,” hoping it sticks in the minds of those around campus.

Campaign members collaborated with the Welding Department to create outdoor picnic tables so students, faculty and staff have more access to enjoying the outdoors while on campus.

“Our hope is that through this initiative, we can help students be aware of healthier choices they can make including spending more time outside and increase mental health awareness,” said Josh Archey, student activities coordinator.

The campaign also provided healthy snacks, literature and classes such as self-defense and meditation to the campus community.

“We’re in the process of being approved for this upcoming year to continue to focus on the overall health of our campus community,” Archey said.

Healthy Colleges Montana is a coalition of institutions supporting prevention and health promotion on campuses across Montana. They aim to address a number of issues including mental health, alcohol and drug abuse and overall health through college campus initiatives.

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