Baby chicks

The second- and third-grade students at Power Public School gather around their baby chicks. The students (not in order) are: second-graders Ezra Anderson, Gunner Beal, Abel Davis, Dean Teeple, Hunter Vick, Trevor Woodhouse and third-graders Colter Check, Ella Gilbert, Lane Houck, Colton Jordre, Ruger Licht, Terrance Stengrimson, Trey Taylor, Abigail Toeckes and Parker Vick with teacher Mindi Grassman and aide Meggan Lehnerz.

Sixteen baby chicks were the hit of the school, thanks to Power Elementary School third-grader Terrance Stengrimson.

A student of Mindi Grassman, Terrance asked whether his class could hatch chicks, with eggs supplied from his own chickens. So began the journey using an incubator that was used for similar class projects and donated to the school by former Power elementary teacher Theresa Burgmaier.

“We put the eggs in on April 11 and were surprised to have four chicks hatch on May 1,” Terrance said during an interview of the class about the project. Throughout the month the chicks were at the school, Grassman’s combined class of 15 second and third graders watched and learned about the hatching progresses, candle wicking, the variety of breeds and upon their arrival, how to feed and care for the chicks and how soft they are to pet.


Third-grader Terrance Stengrimson (above) holds one of the baby chicks hatched through a classroom project.