Recent windy and warm weather on the Rocky Mountain Front has kept the numbers of hunters and hunter harvested mule deer and elk below long-term averages.

Mule deer and elk harvest are 22% and 15% below the 10-year average, respectively.

The white-tailed deer harvest, however, is 18% above the long-term average, probably from hunters using antlerless B licenses.

The numbers were collected at FWP’s Augusta check station, the department’s sole Region 4 biological check station, and apply only to a handful of hunting districts on the Rocky Mountain Front.

Elk hunters so far have brought in 148 animals (64 bulls, 73 cows and 11 calves) compared to the 10-year average of 175 elk.

Mule deer at the check station have numbered 99 animals (89 bucks, nine does and one fawn). The 10-year average is 128 animals.

White-tailed deer totals stand at 158 (68 bucks, 71 does and 19 fawns), while the 10-year average is 134.

Montana’s general big game season ends Dec. 1