The Dutton/Brady School Noard approved salary increases for the certified staff during the July 22 board meeting.

Following negotiations, the board approved a 2% increase on the base for the 2019-20 school year and a 1% increase for the 2020-21 year. Additionally, the board approved four language changes to the certified staff contract to align with the board policies, following the formation of a new certified staff organization. The raises will mean an approximately $8,000 increase to the budget this year.

During the July meeting, the trustees tabled the purchasing of a Five-Star Certified Vehicle. The board reviewed the options and costs during the meeting. Allen reminded the board one of the reasons for going to a small vehicle is having drivers who do not need to have CDL licenses. The small van or SUV could be used on a route with a small number of students, as well as for activities with a limited number of students.

To start the school year, the trustees elected to offer families on the bus route with limited students individual transportation contracts. It was agreed if they choose to purchase a vehicle that could be used for route transportation, they could review this decision. The board will discuss the transportation options during the August meeting.

Also tabled at the July meeting was moving ahead with repairs to the Dutton campus building roofs. Allen reviewed some of the anticipated costs: approximately $300,000 for all of the anticipated work. She noted that was considerably higher than she first understood. The board reviewed the proposed phases for repairing and upgrading the roofs.

It was noted if the cost of the repairs comes in over $80,000, which is likely, the district would have to go to bid for the project.

The board approved a $2 a day charge for the after-school program. The district was unsuccessful in receiving a 21st Century Grant. Allen said it costs approximately $26,000 a year for the program. The district still has funds remaining to operate this year, but needs to find a source for funding in the future. The board, agreeing they still wanted to see the district offer this service, discussed various amounts to charge, agreeing $5 a day per participant was too high. The board formed a task force to look into options for funding the program. Serving on the task force from the board will be Leigh Greyn and Mary Erickson.

While this item was not on the agenda, Reid Michel, the district athletic director, discussed student fundraising during public comment. He understood this subject was discussed at the June board meeting and wanted to add his views. He agreed student fundraising is getting to be a big deal. He stated as district dollars decrease, staff and students must find avenues to raise funds for various activities. He said he thinks it is tough for everyone involved, but it is becoming necessary.

Following his comments, the board and administration said they need to establish some guidelines making it more fair and easy for all involved in fundraising.

The next board meeting will be held Aug. 15 at 7 a.m.

Other action taken at the meeting included:

•Hiring Michel as athletic director and Liz Dugan as a paraprofessional for the coming school year.

•Approving fourth-grade students to participate in junior high volleyball and boys and girls basketball for the 2019-20 school year.

•Approving a transfer of $70,000 from the bus depreciation fund to the building reserve for use with expenses associated with safety and security upgrades.

•Approving the 2019-20 student handbook after review with all changes made.