After 52 days, Jessy Davis, a professional bareback rider from Power who suffered a major injury on Feb. 1 at a World Champions Rodeo Alliance Rodeo in Salt Lake City, Utah, finally returned home to Montana.

“He is doing well and enjoying the fresh air,” his wife Cassidy Jo (Brunner) Davis said March 21. “He ended up having his last surgery on March 13, a skin graft,” she added. “Everything went well and he was discharged on Sunday, March 15 from the hospital.”

They spent a few days down at his parents’ home in Spanish Fork, Utah, before his follow-up appointments the morning of March 19. “After we got the news to go home and come back in three weeks. We packed up and got home at about 1 a.m. the morning of March 20,” she said.

Jessy still has a drain tube where his liver is that will stay in place for a few more weeks. His wound is healing well. Depending on how the skin graft heals, he will have to go back to Utah for reconstructive surgery on his abdomen in about six months to a year.

“That surgery will be a little more intense than we figured and require another hospital stay, but it has to be done,” Cassidy said. “His trauma team will perform the surgery.”

Jessy’s injuries happened about seven seconds into his bareback ride. He was bucked off the horse and the horse fell to the arena floor and landed on top of him. The horse crushed Davis’ liver and caused him to bleed internally. Davis was rushed to the Intermountain Medical Center in Murray, Utah, where he underwent major liver surgery followed by several more procedures over the next 44 days.

Davis has been competing in rodeo for 20 years. He and his wife, a graduate of Fairfield High School, work with her dad, Tim Brunner, on the family ranch on the bench near Power. The couple has twin daughters Cru and Quincee.

“We thank the whole community and everyone who has prayed for us and donated,” Cassidy said. “Without everyone’s support we couldn’t have made it this far. It truly is humbling to see everyone come together and support us.”

Cassidy added, “Jessy still has a long road ahead of him but as he looks back on how far he has come, he is so very thankful he’s here to enjoy the rest of his life.”