The Choteau Area Port Authority and the Choteau city government are working with community members to chip away at the big problem of adequate housing.

Choteau right now has more demand for housing than it has houses for sale or homes or apartments for rent. The lack of housing (or affordable housing) together with the lack of adequate licensed daycare is a bar to economic development. Without housing and childcare, families can’t come here. Employers can’t fill vacancies and the school enrollment continues to shrink.

CAPA and the City Council are looking for community members to join a task force that will work with city officials to find solutions to the housing shortage.

Those solutions could include launching a grant-funding housing rehabilitation project, changing Choteau’s residential zoning rules, working with developers on future subdivisions, grant funded projects to develop multi-family housing and more.

The CAPA and City Council members are for the most part volunteers, many of whom have other “day” jobs. For this community to tackle any problem, citizens must buy into the process and help out. If you’re interested in working on the housing project, please call Mayor Chris Hindoien at 406-466-2510. Choteau residents, contractors and business people have to join together to find solutions that make sense here. The first step to doing that is signing up to help.