Do you have opinions about local and state politics, economic issues, government policies, politicians, healthcare, taxes, wolves, bears, fi shing, hunting, tourism, mining and more? Do you have a good grasp of basic grammar and spelling? Can you use facts without distorting their meaning to support your arguments? Are you brave enough to sign your own name and address to a written opinion piece for publication in the Acantha? If you can answer yes to most of those questions, we’d encourage you to write columns of 500-750 words for the Acantha’s opinion page. We almost always run a “guest column” on this page, mostly written by people who live outside this area. We want our readers to know that we’re happy to publish their opinion columns on this page as long as those pieces are about matters of public interest and don’t libel anyone. You can email guest columns on almost any topic to the Acantha at If you have any questions, call editor Melody Martinsen at 466-2403.