Thieves are continuing to target Choteau, methodically going street by street to pilfer valuables out of unlocked vehicles. The dispatch log at the Teton County SheriffÕs Office has numerous entries last week of reports of valuables being stolen out of vehicles. In some cases, car keys and registration forms were stolen. In other cases, cash, wallets and credit cards were taken. Some of those reporting thefts said they saw two or more men driving a brown or maybe silver car going up and down streets and alleys. Law officers who responded were unable to located the thieves, but they are continuing to investigate and are running down leads from stores in Great Falls where stolen credit cards have been used.

Since the SheriffÕs Office doesnÕt have the personnel to station a law officer on every street in Cho-teau, the next best thing is for vehicle owners to take precautions:

¥Remove all valuables from vehicles and securely lock the vehicles.

¥Leave yard lights on all night.

¥Enable car alarms, if possible.

¥Put your car in your garage and lock the garage rather than parking on street, if possible.

¥Report any suspicious behavior to the SheriffÕs Office. If you see a suspicious vehicle, try to observe and record the license plate.

¥Lock your home and garage when you arenÕt home or at night when youÕre sleeping.