Thank you to all the Teton County emergency responders with law enforcement, fire departments and ambulance service; to the municipal public works departments; and to the NorthWestern Energy and Sun River Electric Cooperative crews for all the many hours of work they put in over the weekend in freezing temperatures with snow and wind, making sure that electricity was restored, streets plowed, tree limbs removed, fires prevented, water and sewer services maintained, roads cleared and people’s calls for help answered.

We are very fortunate in Teotn County to have so many very dedicated men and women who work in public service — for county offices like law, road, fire and Emergency Medical Services, and for municipal public works departments in Choteau, Fairfield and Dutton.

Take time this week to show your appreciation for these selfless workers. Drop off some cookies or doughnuts at the city offices or the Sheriff’s Office, or send a card of thanks, letting them know how much you appreciate their efforts. Give them some public recognition of the good job they do for Teton County every day and particularly for the outstanding effort they put into their jobs over the weekend during the nearly unprecedented fall storm.

We are thankful that the storm’s wrath did not do any more damage than than it did. It will take a while for Choteau to dig out from under the snow and dispose of all the tree limbs, but this is a resilient community in a resilient county, and people will take this storm in stride, marking it down in the record books and getting back to more normal activities: hunting, high school football, raking leaves, shipping calves and preparing for real winter.