Montanans are well known for pulling together to help each other out, and the COVID-19 pandemic is no exception. Last week, our Teton County community showed many examples of amazing kindness. Businesses and individuals sent floral bouquets to random recipients. Many people posted on Facebook that they had food to share and would help anyone in need. Others reminded folks to reach out to their families far and near and reestablish connections with second cousins or old high school friends.

Many people — 4-H and FCCLA members, Hutterite women, church groups, to name a few — sewed cloth facial masks to be donated to public health departments, nursing homes and to individuals who want to wear them to comply with new CDC guidelines.

The Teton County Food Pantry in Choteau and the Fairfield Food Pantry both report being overwhelmed with cash donations from businesses and individuals as well as food donations from area Hutterite colonies and other businesses. These donations, they say, will help them meet all immediate food needs for the next five or so months.

In this time of fear and sickness, it’s good to take a moment to look at all the people who are doing good deeds and who are leading by example as they work to keep positive attitudes, who show their gratitude for all that is good and who inspire all of the rest of us. Thank you so much to all of these inspiring people and to everyone who is volunteering their time and talents to make our world a little better as we all go through the coronavirus pandemic of 2020.