The shrill rhetoric surrounding the 2020 general election seems to be bringing out the worst in some folks. A couple of weeks ago, some cowardly person or persons stole the pro-Republican flags and signs from out in front of Harold and Darlene Yeager’s rural residence north of Choteau along U.S. Highway 89. This past weekend, other cowardly people trespassed on the porch of Cody Marney of Choteau and stole his pro-Democratic flags and signs. Good grief, people! The first amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees freedom of speech to all Americans. Political expression, like lawn signs and flags, are classic forms of freedom of speech. The misguided, ignorant people who are stealing these signs and flags deserve our disdain and condemnation. Whether Republican or Democrat, all of these citizens who are expressing their freedom of speech through political signs and flags deserve to be respected and supported. People who would stoop to stealing political signs do not appreciate or understand the U.S. Constitution and are little more than petty vandals with childish world views. Shame on them. Kudos to Harold and Darlene Yeager and to Cody Marney for replacing the signs and continuing to let their voices be heard.