Call of the wild

Rosanne Balasabas, a law clerk for 9th Judicial District Court Judge Robert G. Olson, was attracted to the position in north-central Montana because of the many outdoor recreation options living here offers.

When Rosanne Balasabas, the 9th Judicial District law clerk, first moved to Choteau, she never intended to stay. She figured she would do what most clerks do: research and write legal answers for a judge, do that for a couple years and then move on and open a private practice. Instead, she found a place to call home and a lifestyle she craved.

Balasabas hails from Manhattan, New York — a far cry from the Montana town of the same name. She attended Hunter College in Manhattan, and began a pre-law track when she discovered she did well in and enjoyed her political science classes. She interned for a judge doing criminal law and then for a law firm in Europe while in college. After graduation, she worked for a large securities litigation firm in New York City.

“While I was there, I was trying to snowboard every weekend, and was going all the way to Vermont from Manhattan. That’s when I realized I needed to make a change,” she said.