Art auction

Artist Paige Briscoe smiles as she works on her piece for an admiring audience during the quickdraw event at the Benefi s Teton Medical Center Foundation’s Shadows of the Past art auction Sept.14 at the Choteau Pavilion.

The 30th annual Shadows of the Past art auction certainly made its milestone anniversary memorable on Sept. 14, with 112 pieces sold for a grand total of $55,805 to be divided among artists and the Benefis Teton Medical Center Foundation.

The BTMC Foundation is dedicating this year’s proceeds to purchase a replacement walk-in freezer and cooler for the hospital’s dietary department.

Kaare Wilkerson’s “Blue Heron” wood sculpture was voted the People’s Choice winner and sold for $3,000. The Artists’ Choice award went to Melissa Timboe for her “Caballo 219” oil painting, which sold for $2,200.

Other artists, their pieces, and the sale price are as follows.

In the live auction: Lee “Tisch” Bialczak, “Montana Birch,” $275; Don Lorang, “Two Crossed Over,” $400; Shirley Tippets Sand Haynes, “Eventide,” $900; Pat Halcro, untitled watercolor, $350; Elmer Schock, “Meat for the Meat Rack,” $625; S. Carlyle Smith, “Passing,” $300; Leslie Kesler, “Big and Wide and Rolling,” $1,400, Frank Hagel, “Beaver Trapper,” $1,500; Corey Stremcha, “Bishop,” $1,600; Julie Korb, “Fall’s Embrace,” $425; Jeff Walker, “Distant Thunder – Pine Butte,” $2,100; Shirle Wempner, “Hold’n Steady,” $1,000; Dave Hodges, “Big Horn Ram Bust,” $300; Thomas English, “Afternoon Light – Two Medicine,” $1,000; Rob Akey, “Saturday Morning,” $1,400; Maggi Neal, “Out of the Quakers,” $2,300; Andy Watson, “Buffalo,” $400; Don Greytak, “Country Doctor House Call,” $2,000; Linda Tippets, “Rocky Mountain (S. Fork of Teton),” $1,800; Lyn Graves, “CockaDoodle Doo,” $400; Diane Hausmann, “Front Range Rest Stop,” $450; Shelly Walker, “Yellowstone Bison,” $2,600; Connie Herberg, “Clarks Fork Cascade,” $800; Sherry Tuss, “A Daisy Day,” $225; James Utsler, “Nature’s Musics,” $600; Steve Lillegard, “Huntin’ Buddies,” $2,300; Shirley Anderson Sylvester, “Sun River Slough,” $400; Judy Michael, “John Deere Snow Plow,” $500; Steve Nelson, “Front West of Choteau,” $1,000; Scott Hayes, “Mountain Goats,” $4,000; Paige Briscoe, “Spirit,” $500; Dick Lauritzen, “Castle Reef,” $1,000; Stoney Burk, “Mountain Goats,” $600.

In the silent auction: Burk, “Missouri River,” $250; Dick Lauritzen, “Elegant,” $400; Bialczak, “Rocky Bloom,” $150; Brenda Wolf, “Jenny,” $375; Rob Akey, “Sinopah and Sinopah at Two Medicine,” $550; Watson, “Legacy,” $250; Hausmann, “Fresian Flare,” $100; Kesler, “Wild Montana Sky,” $700; Dave Hodges, “Autumn Teepee,” $130; Steve Nelson, “Tipis at Priest Butte,” $450; Julie Wulf, “School Colors,” $325; Sylvester, “Dupuyer Creek,” $225; English, “Winter Light,” $350; Michael, “On the Trail,” $245; Theresa Oksness, “Swift Current,” $475; Jean Fleming-Mazur, “Three beauties,” $100; Sharon Sharpe, “Springtime Tipi,” $200; Schock, “Sparring Elk,” $550; Melissa Timboe, “Reynard,” $475; Jeff Walker, “Memories,” $750; Smith, “Grrreen,” $230; Halcro, untitled watercolor, $275; Herberg, “Swallow,” 270; Neal, “The Best Part of His Day,” $430; Diane Anderson, “Colors of Fall,” $200; Kevin Eveland, “The Sugar Shack,” $140; Wempner, “Lucky No. 7,” $475; Graves, “Fading Sun on the Flats,” $300; and Shelly Walker, “Mills Creek Bridge,” $150.

In addition to the live and silent auction, four plein air pieces sold for a collective $1,225 and seven quick finish pieces for a collective $2,900.

Table decorations were also sold for the cause. Artist Andy Watson provided a pottery vase inspired by the moon for each table, and the Front Range Art Association provided painted blocks featuring birds to sit alongside them. Fifteen vases and 17 blocks went home with happy art buyers, for $55 and $40 each, respectively.