Gordon Olson

Gordon Olson is a new massage therapist in Choteau. Oh Massage is located above the Polished salon on Main Avenue North.

Gordon Olson, a licensed massage therapist, has opened Oh Massage at 211 Main Ave. N. (above the Polished Salon) in Choteau, to provide a variety of massage modalities to anyone in need of pain relief, stress relief and improved mobility.

Oh Massage is open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Wednesday. Appointments can be made by calling 406-219-1894.

Olson is an Idaho native who came to Montana in 2011 and finished his high school career in Fairfield, where he played football and wrestled for the Eagles. A graduate of Health Works Institute in Bozeman, he passed the Massage and Bodywork licensing examination and is now certified through the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards. He is also a member of the American Massage Therapy Association.

Oh Massage has one price for all massage modalities, styles and add-ons and offers the following modalities:

•Swedish massage: Assists with pain management, increased blood flow, rehabilitation for muscle injury, increased flexibility, stress reduction, immune system strength and headache and migraine relief.

•Deep tissue massage: Assists with lowering high blood pressure, back pain, arthritis pain/syndrome, muscle rehabilitation, scar tissue break down, stress relief, joint mobility and chronic pain reduction.

•Sports massage: Assists with recovery time after injury, rehabilitation of injury, anxiety reduction, mood lifting, relief of muscle pain and tension, reduction of muscle soreness post workout and can warm soft tissue for competition.

•Trigger-point therapy: Assists with decreasing pain, reduces number of headaches, improves range of motion, warms up soft tissues, contributes to better posture, reduces muscle soreness post workout, helps with tissue hydration and has a calming effect on the nervous system.

•Myofascial release: Assists with maintaining normal functional muscle length and encouraging the movement of lymph.

•Rain-drop therapy: Assists with balancing and re-aligning the energy centers of the body. This non-manipulative technique can help reduce stress and minor anxiety; aid the body’s natural response to irritation and injury; ease occasional muscle, bone and joint discomfort; improve immune system functions and emotional well being and release and help detoxify the body systems.

•Energy therapy: With so many varieties, the scope is far and wide. Contact Olson to see whether he can help in this area or direct you to another practitioner for the best benefit.

Olson said massage therapy history dates back thousands of years to ancient cultures that believed in its medical benefits. The first written records of massage therapy are found in China and Egypt. Massage therapy is found in an ancient (2700 BC) Chinese text called, “The Yellow Emperor’s Classic Book of Internal Medicine.”

After high school, Olson worked in many different industries, including for Teton Pass Ski Area as a lift operator, for Wheat Montana as an assistant production manager and bakery supervisor and for Nabors Industries as a floor hand in the oil industry.

“Over the many years of hard labor, I always took an interest in health and wellness, studying different health and wellness modalities and practicing many myself,” he said. “My interest in the field has always been fueled by seeing the suffering of others and wanting to help.”

Olson’s father is an automotive mechanic, but his mother is a massage therapist. His family encouraged him to become a massage therapist and pursue his passion. “So I took the leap, thinking I was retiring from the hard labor just to find out that massage therapy isn’t as easy a job as it appears,” he said, adding that massage therapy “can be just as taxing on the body as many hard labor industries without proper formation.”

With his wide range of work experience, Olson said, he has seen what day-to-day activities and work-related tasks can do to the human body. From doing factory work, office management, sports, ranching and backcountry recreation, Olson said he has experienced a little of it all. “I know how the body can feel after a long day in one of these activities,” he said, adding that he sees injuries due to repetitive tasks and the pains and strains of normal life that aren’t addressed and then become more of a problem over time.

Olson said he wants to help people who are suffering find the way to restore their health and has seen personally what massage therapy can do to benefit the body.

“My philosophy is that massage is an art; you must work with your hands, your head and your heart,” he said. “It is a dance with the muscles and energy of the client, making the journey a part of the experience.”

Olson said he loves Teton County and the area and wanted to locate here to provide a service that will benefit area residents.

Olson is operating Oh Massage as a sole proprietorship right now, but he has plans to hire employees, expand the modalities offered and hopes eventually to open branches in other communities or within spa settings.

His office setting provides a friendly, comfortable environment and Olson says he is working to spread the word about the benefits massage provides and to be an involved community member.

Oh Massage is helping youngster Lenni Santiago raise funds to participate in the WorldStrides Discoveries program, which works with classroom teachers to design trips for elementary and middle school students.

She is the daughter of Kelly Hansen Cunningham and the granddaughter of Jay and Deb VanDeRiet and Kelvin (Kelly) Hansen. Because of unforeseen circumstances, Santiago is not able to fundraise with the rest of her group, leaving her to fundraise and get sponsors on her own, Olson said.

She needs to raise $4,000 and has so far raised $1,700 through babysitting, lawn mowing and dog walking. To help her, Oh Massage will donate $5 from each massage to her WorldStrides campaign.

“I believe in the education of students and helping them to grow and fulfill their dreams,” Olson said.

Other massage therapists in Choteau are: Paulette Stott with Glacier Mountain Massage, Claire Hodgskiss with The Edge Salon and Spa, Mary Skinner Troy with The Healing Touch, Keegan Rumsey with New Leaf Massage and Lorraine Roy with Light of Angels.