With the deadline to file for nonpartisan city offices on June 17, the city of Choteau has picked up another mayoral candidate as Nate White submitted his filing paperwork at the Teton County Election Administrator’s Office on Monday.

Incumbent Mayor Dan Lannen, who retired earlier this year from a long career with Frontline Ag Solutions, has filed for a two-year term and is now facing a challenge from Choteau businessman Chris Hindoien and from White.

Mayoral candidates must be at least 21 years old and have lived in Montana for at least three years, and in their city for at least two years before the election. The mayoral filing fee is $42 for Choteau.

With three candidates for the mayor’s position, Choteau will need to hold a primary election on Sept. 10.

The general election will be held by mail ballot on Nov. 5, according to Election Administrator Paula Jaconetty. Mail ballots would go out in the mail in mid-October.

Under a state law, cities that do not have any contested council or mayoral positions can cancel the election and declare the uncontested candidates elected by acclamation.

Also filing last week was incumbent Dutton Councilwoman Patricia Bayala, whose two-year term is expiring in December. Incumbent Dutton Councilman Robert Dauwalder has also filed for reelection. The the four-year term of Councilwoman Candace Ellsworth also expires in December.

Incumbent Choteau Councilman Steve Dogiakos, who operates Golden Triangle Goods, has filed for a new four-year term representing Ward II while Charles Joslyn, a long-time city public works employee who is retiring in August, has filed for Ward I. Incumbent Ward I Councilwoman Jill Owen is not seeking reelection.

In Fairfield, Ward I Councilman Loren Tacke, a Fairfield Public Schools teacher, has filed for reelection and fellow teacher Charles Brown, who previously served on the council, has filed for Ward II. Incumbent Ward II Councilwoman BJ Bouray is not seeking reelection.

June 17 at 5 p.m. is the deadline to file for municipal government positions in Choteau, Fairfield and Dutton. All city terms are for four years unless otherwise noted. The terms of those up for election this year expire on Dec. 31.

Declarations of nomination are available from the Choteau, Fairfield and Dutton city offices and from the Teton County election administrator’s office at the county courthouse in Choteau.

City council candidates must have lived in their ward for at least 60 days before the election. The filing fee for council candidates is $15.

The deadline for candidates who miss the regular filing period to file as write-ins is Aug. 1.