Sept. 10 — 1 a.m., Choteau ambulance responded to a medical alert at 424 Seventh Ave. N.W. and found all to be okay.

— 5:50 a.m., deputy investigated suspicious vehicle in Fairfield and found to be a motorist who broke down and was waiting for a service vehicle.

— 9:41 a.m., Great Falls Department of Transportation notified Sheriff’s Office of livestock on Secondary Highway 431 causing a traffic concern.

— 12:27 p.m., Fairfield Rural Volunteer Fire Department responded to a fire in the ditch along County Line Road.

— 1:14 p.m., Fairfield ambulance responded to a single-vehicle accident on U.S. Highway 89 in Cascade County; they made no transport.

— 3:07 p.m., Fairfield resident reported hiring and paying a plumber for a job that was not done.

— 8:04 p.m., Choteau VFD responded to a fire at 1701 Fourth Lane N.W.

— 9:08 p.m., Montana Highway Patrol was notified of a semi-truck pup in the ditch near Jackson Corner.

— 9:54 p.m., suspicious vehicle was reported near 430 14th Lane N.E.

Sept. 11 — 8:18 a.m., Choteau ambulance and fire department responded to a vehicle accident on First Avenue Southwest and Seventh Street Southwest. The two involved in the accident refused transported by ambulance.

— 8:42 a.m., Choteau ambulance responded to a medical emergency at 424 Seventh Ave. N.W. and transported a patient to Benefis Teton Medical Center in Choteau.

— 10:11 a.m., Fairfield ambulance transported a patient from 1462 Second Road S.W. to the Great Falls Clinic.

— 10:18 a.m., Choteau resident reported an unknown individual had backed into his truck on Main Street the previous day.

— 4:04 p.m., deputy issued a citation to a motorist who passed a stopped school bus on U.S. Highway 89 near Bynum.

— 8:23 p.m., Power resident report a possible email scam.

Sept. 12 — 10 a.m., Sheriff’s Office provided an agency assist in looking for a possible suicidal man believed to be in the Teton County.

— 10:27 a.m., Sheriff’s Office received a report of possible theft of a tractor.

— 7:43 p.m., deputy investigate suspicious four-wheelers near 13th Lane N.E.

Sept. 13 — 6:28 a.m., Choteau ambulance crew provided a lift assist at 1006 W. Division.

— 1:24 p.m., Fairfield resident spoke with a deputy regarding possible stolen guns.

— 3:15 p.m., Choteau ambulance crew transported a patient from BTMC to Fairfield where they meet Great Falls ALS ambulance for the remainder of the trip to Great Falls.

Sept. 14 — 10:39 a.m., Choteau residents reported a dog chasing people to Sheriff’s Office and were instructed to contact the City Office.

— 1:01 p.m., Great Falls Police Department provided an agency assist serving a warrant out of Teton County.

— 10:14 p.m., motorist reported hitting a deer on U.S. Highway 89 out of Bynum.

— 11:02 p.m., Fairfield resident reported possible fraud case.

Sept. 15 — 2:31 p.m., Choteau ambulance transported a patient from 424 Seventh Ave. N.W. to BTMC.

— 3:02 p.m., Choteau resident visited with a deputy.

— 5 p.m., Dutton ambulance responded to a medical emergency at Fourth Ave. N.W.; the patient refused transport.

— 6:24 p.m., Fairfield ambulance transported a patient from 11th Lane Southweat and Secondary Highway 408 to Great Falls Clinic.

— 8:29 p.m., deputy visited with a Power resident.

— 9:52 p.m., deputy checked a vehicle at Choteau Country Club.

— 10:10 p.m., Choteau ambulance responded to a medical emergency at 816 Ninth Ave. N.W. and transported patient to BTMC.

From Sept. 10-15, the Sherriff’s Office issued four citations for speeding, one each for speeding in school zone, not carrying proof of insurance, no registration in vehicle and failure to stop at stop sign; and six warnings for speeding and one warning each for no license plate on trailer, lights no working on trailer, no taillights and expired license registration.