Sept. 16 — 8:45 a.m., Choteau resident reported a possible scam.

— 4:46 p.m., motorist reported a truck driving erratically on U.S. Highway 89 near Priest Butte.

— 5:28 p.m., a possible theft was reported at 200 18th Road Northwest, Choteau.

— 10:22 p.m., Choteau ambulance responded to a medical emergency at 718 Seventh Ave. N.W. The patient refused transport.

Sept. 17 — 7:20 a.m., a woman turned herself into the Sheriff’s Office on a warrant out of the Billings Police Department.

— 10:36 a.m., Choteau mayor reported two dogs at the elementary school barking and chasing children on the playground.

— 1:03 p.m., deputy served a warrant on an inmate in Cascade County.

— 2:06 p.m., Power resident reported an accident with a sprayer arm.

— 8:36 p.m., deputy reported he struck a deer with no injuries and no damage to the vehicle.

Sept. 18 — 7:05 a.m., a visitor notified the Sheriff’s Office of a vehicle accident on the Teton County Courthouse lawn.

— 9:20 a.m., Sheriff’s Office received a report of a sexual or violent offender moving and not updating his information.

— 12:50 p.m., Choteau Fire Department responded to a gas line being hit at First Street Southwest.

— 1:49 p.m., Choteau ambulance transported a patient from 312 Ninth Ave. N.W. to Benefis Teton Medical Center.

— 5:32 p.m., Fairfield resident at 171 Seventh Lane N.E. reported a vehicle fire to which the Rural Volunteer Fire Department responded.

— 8:19 p.m., Fairfield ambulance responded to a medical emergency at 10 Fourth Lane N.E. and transported the patient to BTMC.

Sept. 19 — 7:14 p.m., deputy checked on the welfare of a Choteau resident.

— 8:48 p.m., Fairfield resident reported a possibly impaired driver.

— 10:44 p.m., Choteau resident reported a camper driving on private property.

— 10:53 p.m., deputy issued citations and made at least one arrest for two individuals stopped in Choteau on suspicion of driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Sept. 20 — 11:23 a.m., Choteau resident reported his concern for a neighbor whose dogs were howling for a few hours and whose front door was open.

— 3:59 p.m., deputy investigated a report of an individual on the railroad tracks outside of Dutton who was nearly hit by a passing train.

— 7:24 p.m., Choteau resident reported a reckless driver on U.S. Highway 89.

Sept. 21 — 2:28 a.m., employee of a Choteau business expressed concern to the Sheriff’s Office of two separate individuals possibly sleeping in their vehicles.

— 1:11 p.m., possible assault of a minor in Fairfield was reported.

— 7:47 p.m., Fairfield ambulance transported a patient from 408 Fourth Lane N.E. to Benefis in Great Falls.

— 11:19 p.m., deputy checked the welfare of a Teton County resident who had possibly been threatened.

Sept. 22 — 4:29 a.m., deputy reported a patrol car being hit by another vehicle while parked at 23 Main Ave. N. Suspect was possibly driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

— 10:34 a.m., motorist reported goats on Secondary Highway 220.

— 12:48 p.m., Choteau resident reported an unwanted individual in a private residence.

— 1:33 p.m., Sherriff’s Office asked for information on an abandoned or disabled vehicle.

— 6:33 p.m., Power ambulance and Mercy Flight were paged for an accident at the intersection of Gunderson Road and Love Road in Cascade County.

— 10:02 p.m., Dutton resident spoke with Sheriff’s Office concerning a vehicle he had lent that had not been returned.

From Sept. 16-22, deputies issued two citations for speeding, four warnings for speeding and one warning each for improperly working taillights, an expired license plate and improperly working headlights.