Laura Nowlin, who has dedicated 33 years to volunteering at the Teton County Food Pantry, has been named the pantry’s board member emeritus.

Laura Nowlin says she wasn’t among the very first volunteers when the Teton County Food Pantry was started by Nora and Jess Malone in 1986. However, Laura joined the Food Pantry and has been one of our most active volunteers and board members for the past 33 years. Through years of rain, sleet and snow, her food disbursements to families in the Dutton and Power communities have always gone through.

Folks know her white truck, and the hoe she keeps in the back to move food boxes in and out of her vehicle. Not too many years ago, Laura was “run over by a bull,” bruised and stiff, she arrived at the Food Pantry to make up a box of food for a family, and when her hearing failed, she quickly figured out how to text.

When Laura was encouraged to find a younger volunteer to help her, she found Lyn Habel (who is not saying how old she is!). Becky and Ron Rosholt now have become active volunteers in Dutton and Loren Dunk is the Power volunteer.

Nowlin has been that “one in a million” volunteer, said long-time pantry board member Stan Rathman. “She is aware of every family in her community, and she knows immediately if there is a family needing food assistance. She spends time with each family, and she is genuinely interested in you, your problems, challenges, sorrows or joys. Laura could always tell us what foods individual families prefer, and how much food they could use.”

“Laura, with regrets, has become our pantry’s board member emeritus, and we value her wisdom, compassion, deep kindness, experience and common sense,” said Teton County Food Pantry board member Linda Sentz. “She will continue to share those values with us in her new capacity for our Teton County Food Pantry. We celebrate you Laura and hope we can always maintain your quality of excellence in service to our communities.”