Aug. 29 — 3:27 a.m., Sheriff’s Office was notified of a possible theft at 111 Ninth Ave. S.W. in Choteau.

— 3:35 a.m., Choteau resident reported that a truck that appeared to have been in an accident was abandoned on 18th Road Northwest.

— 9:50 a.m., motorist reported cows on Secondary Highway 220 causing a traffic concern.

— 5:26 p.m., Choteau resident reported an injured deer by the side of the road on U.S. Highway 89.

Aug. 30 — 6:39 a.m., Fairfield ambulance responded to a call for mutual aid for a medical emergency in Lewis and Clark County, but was able to stand down prior to arrival as the Augusta ambulance crew responded.

— 10:04 a.m., cows were reported on Secondary Highway 220. Owner was notified and resolved the situation.

— 10:30 a.m., Choteau motorist reported a cow on the roadway between U.S. Highway 89 and Teton Canyon Road.

— 11:13 a.m., Sheriff’s Office assisted in notifying a Teton County resident of a family emergency out of state.

— 11:19 a.m., deputy requested an information call be logged regarding online activity.

— 1:16 p.m., Sheriff’s Office received reports of an erratic driver on Interstate 15 near Power. Dispatch made law officials in Pondera County aware the vehicle could potentially be entering their county.

— 7:28 p.m., Choteau ambulance responded to a medical emergency and transported a patient from Big Sky Motel to Benefis Teton Medical Center in Choteau.

— 9:29 p.m., Choteau ambulance transferred a patient from BTMC to Benefis in Great Falls.

— 10:35 p.m., Sheriff’s Office was notified that a semi-truck driver had hit the pumps at Mountain View Co-op in Dutton and was disabled at the Manchester exit off Interstate 15. Deputies and Montana Highway Patrol responded.

— 11:36 p.m., Choteau resident reported hearing noise in the alley behind her residence on Second Avenue Northwest.

Aug. 31 — 1:28 a.m., a motorist on Secondary Highway 220 reported hitting a cow, stating both the vehicle and animal were off the road, however additional livestock were in the road causing a traffic concern.

— 8:02 a.m., Choteau resident reported two horses out on U.S. Highway 287.

— 11:10 a.m., Sheriff’s Office received a 9-1-1 call with what sounded like an individual walking. Dispatch made several attempts to contact the individual without success.

— 11:38 a.m., Sheriff’s Office was notified of a vehicle dragging a chain traveling on U.S. Highway 89 in Cascade County causing several grass fires along the roadway. Both Fairfield and Sun River fire departments were dispatched to put the fires out.

—11:43 a.m., Choteau resident reported an aggressive squirrel in her tree and requested assistance; Fish, Wildlife and Parks was notified.

— 11:56 a.m., Choteau resident turned in a purse they found at the City Park to the Sheriff’s Office.

— 1:43 p.m., Fairfield deputy contacted the family members of a resident who appeared confused and needed assistance.

— 3:16 p.m., Choteau resident stopped in the Sheriff’s Office to fill out a complaint form.

— 3:27 p.m., Fairfield Volunteer Fire Department along with trucks from Choteau and Sun River responded to a structure fire at 470 Third Road N.E. Also responding were the Fairfield ambulance and Sun River Electric crew.

— 3:58 p.m., Sheriff’s deputy attempted to check on the welfare of a Bynum resident, but didn’t find anyone home.

— 5:04 p.m., motorist reported a vehicle disabled in the southbound lane of Interstate 15.

Sept. 1 — 12:11 a.m., deputy assisted a motorist who had run out of gas and was stopped with children at the rest stop near Dutton on Interstate 15.

— 9:08 a.m., Choteau resident reported firearms stolen from a vehicle at 201 First Ave. S.W.

— 9:55 a.m., motorist reported livestock out on Secondary Highway 220.

— 11:43 a.m., Choteau resident reported possible identity theft.

— 1:08 p.m., Choteau ambulance transported a patient from BTMC to Benefis in Great Falls.

— 2:46 p.m., Choteau resident reported that a cattle truck ran over a flowerpot at 26 Seventh Ave. N.W.

— 5:42 p.m., Choteau ambulance responded to a medical emergency at 816 Second St. N.E. and transported a patient to BTMC.

— 8 p.m., Choteau ambulance transported a patient from BTMC to Benefis in Great Falls.

Sept. 2 — 3:30 a.m., deputy checked in the alley behind the residences on Second Avenue Northwest after a homeowner reported hearing something in the area.

— 10:11 a.m., Choteau resident reported a possible scam.

— 12:52 p.m., Sheriff’s Office received a traffic complaint on Third Street Northwest.

— 1:52 p.m., dispatch was informed of a suspicious vehicle spotted on Teton Canyon Road.

— 3:39 p.m., Sheriff’s Office was contacted by a teacher from out-of-state who had information on a possible child abuse case in Teton County. The teacher requested a welfare check be made on the child.

— 4:19 p.m., Choteau resident reported their neighbors were planning to be out of the area for an extended amount of time and requested a deputy check their garage, which appeared to be open. The homeowners had returned and all was well.

— 4:31 p.m., Dutton VFD responded to a report of farm equipment on fire off 22nd Lane Northeast.

— 5:40 p.m., deputy assisted FWP in searching for a bear that was reportedly seen near the Choteau rodeo grounds.

— 9:08 p.m., deputy issued a warning to a motorist for driving with improperly working headlights.

— 9:11 p.m., Choteau ambulance responded to a medical emergency at 31 Third St. N.W. and transported a patient to BTMC.

— 11:48 p.m., Choteau ambulance transferred a patient from BTMC to Benefis in Great Falls.

Sept. 3 — 6:33 a.m., Dutton resident reported seeing a bear off 10th Lane N.E.

Sept. 4 — 6:59 a.m., Great Falls Police Department assisted in serving a Teton County warrant on individual in Great Falls.