Volunteers are needed Nov. 10 to form a human brigade at the Choteau/Teton Public Library.

The library will be flipping the fiction and non-fiction books. The staff plans to move the fiction from upstairs to downstairs and vice versa, moving the non-fiction from downstairs to upstairs.

Young and old alike are invited to help from 9 a.m. to when the project is finished in the afternoon. Polly Cunningham, head of the Choteau Friends of the Library, said there will be no walking or major lifting involved. The plan is to form two lines where the books will be removed from one shelf and then passed from one volunteer to the next until it reaches its new location.

Cunningham said as many as 50 volunteers could help but said the more the merrier.

Volunteers don’t have to be pre-registered to help. Lunch will be served to the volunteers.

Cunningham said the library staff is excited to complete this project and hopes to have it all done before the Choteau Chamber of Commerce Christmas stroll on Dec. 1.