June 2 — 12:08 a.m., Fairfield ambulance responded to a medical emergency in Cascade County at 12897 U.S. Highway 200 and transported a patient to Benefis in Great Falls.

—8:58 a.m., Choteau ambulance was paged to a medical emergency at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Choteau; patient refused transport.

June 3 — 1:11 a.m., deputy responded to a notification from an alarm company of a business entry/exit open and motion detected in the building. Upon arrival, it was found the door had been left unlocked and a patron walked in thinking the bar was open, then left. All was determined to be okay.

— 5:45 a.m., deputy investigated possible criminal trespassing to a vehicle in Fairfield.

— 11:18 a.m., Sheriff’s Office was notified of vandalism to a vehicle in the parking lot of a Choteau business.

— 11:54 a.m., Choteau resident reported a text message coming in as an emergency.

— 12:06 p.m., Fairfield resident reported an irrigation pivot had been sprinkling on a county road for some time.

— 1:47 p.m., Choteau resident brought a wallet he or she had found to the Sheriff’s Office to be returned to the owner.

— 8:47 p.m., Fairfield ambulance responded to a medical emergency at 615 Fifth Ave. N. and transported a patient to Benefis.

— 10:40 p.m., dispatch contacted the Cascade County Sheriff’s Office to report that a motorist on U.S. Highway 89 had stopped for a man in the middle of the road and was concerned for the pedestrian’s welfare.

— 11:06 p.m., Sheriff’s Office notified of a woman in violation of release conditions in Fairfield.

June 4 — 9:58 a.m., Choteau resident reported two bears in her yard north of town at 4510 U.S. Highway 89.

— 11:59 a.m., Power ambulance responded to a medical emergency at 621 12th Road N.E. and transported a patient to Benefis.

— 2:48 p.m., hospice nurse reported that Jack Dugan, 77, of Dutton had died after a battle with cancer.

— 4:34 p.m., coroner was called to 327 5th Ave. N.E. for a reported suicide.

June 5 — 8:47 a.m., Sheriff’s Office was notified of a badger running around the baseball fields in Choteau.

— 9:19 a.m., Choteau ambulance responded to a medical emergency at 615 Second St. N.E. and transported one patient to Benefit Teton Medical Center in Choteau.

— 3:16 p.m., Choteau resident reported a possible scam.

— 4:10 p.m., owner of a residence in Power reported possible vandalism to a residence.

— 4:27 p.m., Dutton resident requested to speak with a deputy regarding a questionable package she had received in the mail.

June 6 — 12:24 p.m., Power resident reported his vehicle had been taken by a family member without permission.

— 6:09 p.m., Fairfield ambulance transported a patient from 311 Third Road N.E. to Benefis.

— 8:09 p.m., deputy checked on the welfare of a possibly suicidal resident in Choteau.

June 7 — 8:58 a.m., Fairfield ambulance responded to 615 Fifth Ave. N. in Fairfield to check on the welfare of the resident. The patient refused transport by ambulance.

— 10:55 a.m., Choteau resident reported receiving a scam phone call.

— 12:56 p.m., deputy checked on the welfare of a Choteau resident who had not been seen by a neighbor for an extended period.

— 1:16 p.m., Fairfield ambulance transported a patient from 615 Fifth Ave. N. to Benefis.

— 2:01 p.m., Power resident reported vandalism to his property and observed similar damage to a neighbor’s property.

— 8:52 p.m., deputy investigated a report of tools being stolen from a Fairfield resident.

June 8 — 7:48 a.m., Sheriff’s Office assisted in locating a family member of a Dutton resident who could not be reached by phone.

— 10:17 a.m., deputy spoke with a motorist who was reported to have pulled out in front of a vehicle almost causing an accident.

— 11:30 a.m., deputy provided an agency assist to Glacier County in locating the owner of an abandoned vehicle with considerable damage.

— 4:38 p.m., Choteau ambulance crew provided a lift assist of a resident at 225 Ninth Ave. S.W.

— 5:39 p.m., deputy investigated the possible burglary of a residence in Dutton area.

— 11:20 p.m., a traffic stop in Choteau resulted in the arrest of a woman for possible driving while under the influence of alcohol and for an outstanding warrant.

— 11:49 p.m., deputy assisted with a family issue in Choteau.

From June 2-8, five citations were issued for failure to come to a complete stop at a stop sign, six citations for speeding, two for expired license plates and one for failure to have proof of insurance. Sheriff’s Office issued six warnings for speeding, and one each for a stop sign violation and an improperly working taillight.