New business

Paige Goodman has set up P.H. Pitness and Coaching inside the Pivot Physical Therapy building in Choteau.

For those looking for help with nutrition and exercise training, Paige Goodman has set up P.H. Fitness and Coaching inside the Pivot Physical Therapy building at 124 Main Ave. N. in Choteau.

“I have been a trainer for five years helping hundreds of people transform their health and bodies through nutrition and exercise coaching,” she said.

Goodman studied exercise science at Eastern Washington University. She is certified as a personal trainer, nutrition coach and exercise therapist. She also works with those interested in bodybuilding as an athlete and coach qualified by the National Physique Committee.

“I moved here to be closer to family, enjoy life in a small town and open up my business to offer the community a service that the big cities provide but with the convenience of having it local,” she said.

Whether you’re starting your first workout regimen in years or you’re an experienced athlete looking for training and nutritional help, Goodman can adapt her services to fit any individual’s specific needs. She said her clientele consists of people with a variety of goals including losing fat, building strength or muscle, increasing muscle tone, learning how to properly exercise or having an accountability partner for their physical fitness.

“Personal training is also known as an accelerated results program because it is fully customized to the individual,” she explained. “Personal training is a very positive experience that builds confidence and goes in depth with nutrition and exercise education.”

All the sessions she offers are private, and take place in a comfortable atmosphere with absolutely no judgment. She also offers online training sessions, so she can work with her clients as they stay in the comfort of their own homes.

Goodman said her business has already been amazing. “Current customers have had amazing transformations and are continuing to see amazing results. Due to the massive support I have received from the community, I plan to expand next year to a bigger facility to accommodate more clients,” she said.

In the future, Goodman hopes to move into a larger facility and expand her business to accommodate more clients, offer memberships and put on health and fitness educational events for the public. She also would like to have a space for children to play while their parents exercise.

P.H. Fitness and Coaching is open 1-7 p.m. on weekdays, but those hours are likely to expand in the future. For more information or to set up a training session, call 306-761-9702.