Dec. 29 — 7:32 a.m., deputy and Montana Highway Patrol responded to single vehicle accident where a vehicle hit a deer on U.S. Highway 89.

— 1:44 p.m., Choteau ambulance responded to a medical emergency at 415 Main Ave. N. and transported a patient to Benefis Teton Medical Center in Choteau.

— 2:15 p.m., Choteau resident reported an individual acting suspicious near the Choteau Mini Park.

Dec. 30 — 9:13 a.m., Choteau resident requested an informational call be started.

— 9:46 a.m., three separate calls were made to report excessively barking dogs. On the third call, the caller was referred to the city of Choteau.

— 12:22 p.m., Choteau resident spoke with deputy regarding an incident.

— 3:15 p.m., Life alert notified dispatch of a possible medical emergency. Fairfield ambulance was dispatched but was cancelled when patient responded all was okay.

— 7:44 p.m., BTMC notified Sheriff’s Office that a patient under their care had been bitten by a dog.

Dec. 30 — 9:59 p.m., Dutton ambulance responded to a medical emergency at 208 First St. S.W. Mercy Flight met the ambulance en route and took the patient to Benefis in Great Falls.

Dec. 31 — 8:16 a.m., Choteau resident reported his son had been in a vehicle accident the previous night. Dispatch notified MHP of the accident.

— 8:24 a.m., Choteau resident requested an information call be started.

— 10:54 a.m., Choteau resident reported there have been dogs in the neighborhood barking for some time and wondered if something can be done with the noise.

— 11:15 a.m., Fairfield resident requested a welfare check be done on a neighbor she hasn’t seen since Christmas time.

— 11:36 a.m., Choteau resident made a complaint about barking dogs.

— 1:27 p.m., Choteau ambulance responded to a medical emergency at Teton Pass Ski area and transported the patient to BTMC.

— 2:51 p.m., dispatch was notified the person who was transported by ambulance the previous night had died at Benefis hospital and requires a coroner’s inquiry.

— 5:05 p.m., the MHP served an arrest warrant from Teton County on a driver on Interstate 15 near Dutton. One person was transported to Choteau.

— 7:04 p.m., deputy assisted with a patient brought to BTMC from Augusta.

Jan. 1 — 1:42 a.m., deputies and coroner responded to a Power residence for a reported suicide.

— 2 p.m., deputies investigated a possible assault reported by man in Choteau and spoke with second man possibly involved in Fairfield.

— 3:19 p.m., Choteau Volunteer Fire Department, deputies and ambulance responded to a single-vehicle accident near Eureka Reservoir on the Teton Canyon Road. The patient refused transport by ambulance.

— 4:03 p.m., deputies and Bynum first response unit responded to a requested welfare check on an individual who had made comments about hurting themself while playing an online game. The individual was transported to BTMC.

— 11:12 a.m., Choteau resident called once again to report dogs barking.

— 11:19 a.m., Fairfield VFD responded to a vehicle fire at 60 Freeman Lane in Lewis and Clark County. Sun River Electric Cooperative was notified to cut power to a building.

— 11:55 a.m., dispatch notified MHP that a motorist had hit a deer on Secondary Highway 15.

— 2:11 p.m., Choteau resident filed an additional complaint of a barking dog.

— 2:24 p.m., Fairfield resident reported they found a checkbook/wallet.

Jan. 2 — 4:49 p.m., Choteau resident reported her cell phone had been taken off the ATM machine at a local business.

— 5:43 p.m., deputy responded to vehicle damaged by a deer on U.S. Highway 89.

— 6:52 p.m., Choteau resident reported hitting a deer on Secondary Highway 221.

— 8:57 p.m., dispatch notified officers of a life alarm at a Power residence where the individual could not be reached. Before officers arrived, contact was made and all was okay.

Jan. 3 — 2:09 a.m., Choteau ambulance responded to a medical emergency at 424 Seventh Ave. N.W. and transported a patient to BTMC.

— 12:48 p.m., deputy provided an agency assist in the Bynum area.

— 8:58 p.m., Choteau resident reported being threatened.

Jan. 4 — 12:48 a.m., Choteau ambulance responded to a medical emergency at 204 First Ave. N.W. and transported patient to BTMC.

— 3:17 p.m., deputy spoke Choteau resident regarding a domestic situation.

— 10:19 p.m., deputies provided a welfare check on an individual.

From Dec. 29-Jan. 4, deputies issued citations for speeding and warnings for improperly working headlights or taillights, equipment failure, expired registration, broken turn signal and speeding.