Youngsters take advantage of the warm weather and free swimming during the Saturday Swim Day activities in Fairfi eld. All of the funds raised from the three-day event are used for the operation and maintenance of the pool.

The three-day 2019 Swim Days celebration was packed with activities that were fun for many participants and raised money for the operation and maintenance of the Fairfield swimming pool.

Swim Day co-treasurer Marci Shaw estimated the profit this year will be between $20,000 and $22,000.

It will be a couple weeks before the expenses are paid and the final amount raised is tabulated, she said, adding, “Another good year. Big class reunions and sponsorships from businesses and individuals for specific events make a huge impact.”

Breaking down some of the events, Thursday night’s meal, dessert and ice cream social and silent auction were again well attended. The meal raised $1,100 and the silent auction $3,600. The golf scramble and meal raised $4,450. Both meals in the park on Saturday were well-attended, raising $4,000. The raffles brought in $2,250 and the live auction raised $4,650.

Members of the Fairfield Junior Women’s Club and friends chaired the 2019 celebration. The group thanks the community for its support at Swim Days. “We thank everyone who came together to put on another fantastic Swim Days,” Sherlyn Lear, spokesperson for the group, said. “The support of the volunteers was essential to the success of the event. Everything came together and we were able to raise money for our pool and our kids.”

Throughout the three days of activities there were several winners crowned.

The dessert and pie baking contest had eight pies and desserts entered on July 19. The four eager judges awarded Julia Diaz first place for her peach pie; Laura Pearson second place for her espresso fudge cheesecake and Eldora Fischer third place for her lemon delight pudding pie.

Several flower pot creations were entered into the competition. Nikki Gulick took first place with a metal art bucket. Second place went to a light house made by Katie Dailey and third place to a Bobcat/Griz pot made by Lear. The creations of the winners were auctioned in the live auction and raised $415.

Seventy eight people golfed in the scramble Friday at the Harvest Hills golf course. The first-place team members were Taylor Ratliff, Vince Peltzer and Greg and Troy McInerney. The second-place team members were Spencer Ratliff, Trey and Trase Caffyn and Tel Anderson.

This year, businesses elected not to hold a competition in decorating the store fronts. Instead, they were encouraged to have students from the Fairfield High School Art Club paint artwork to go along with the theme of “Showtime.” The funds raised by the art club will be used for a scholarship.

Dustin Gordon and Marty Palmer won the corn-hole tournament, defeating Tim and Heather Barta in the championship match. In third place were Kyle and Cheryl Woods. The top three teams received cash prizes. There were 16 teams in the single-elimination tournament. Sponsoring the corn-hole tournament this year were Sun River Electric, Fairfield Servicemen’s Club, KC Woods Trucking, Schenk Prudential Agency and G&M Bins.

The winners in the car show included: best of show, Ian Goetz; best truck, Jay Ratliff; best car, Tony Hershey; best bike, Dave Gulick; and work in progress, Stan Fry. The car show trophies were created by Mike Dulin and donated by Redneck Recyclin’ of Fairfield.

The winners in the Swim Day 2019 parade were:

•Drill teams — Sparkettes of Montana, first.

•Pet and doll — “Trolls Buy Their Flowers at Blossoms and Blooms,” Katie Dalton family.

•Non-commercial — Fairfield High School Class of 1969, first place; Fairfield lifeguards, second; Fairfield High School Class of 1989, third.

•Commercial — First Bank of Montana “Showtime,” first; and Blossoms and Bloom, Katie Kolste Dalton, second.

•Vehicles — antiques: Jim Johnson, Fairfield, 1957 Ford, first; Goetz family, Fairfield, 1952 Packard, second; Clayton Perry, Power, 1955 Chevy, third; special European vehicle: Rachel Lear, Fairfield 2011 Mini Cooper, first; Corvettes: Rochelle and Roger Sand, 1981 custom, first; Harold and Shirley Klinker, 1989 convertible, second; Mustangs: Chris Christensen, Fairfield, 1969 Fastback.

•Horses — Mandy Beachy children, Fairfield, “Anna, Elsa and Olaf” from Frozen, first; and Prairie Stars 4-H “Cowboys and Indians,” second.

Raffle winners were: shop vacuum donated by H&R Block, Brad Evans; multi-purpose carrier donated by True Value, Tammy Lacy; outdoor set donated by New Life Church, Terry Greyn; smoker donated by Fairfield Baseball Club, Wade Janzen; tool box and screwdriver set donated by Arrow Tree, Eva Hershey; Montana Roots Metal Art Sign donated by Ostberg Farms, Sylvia Waters; Stanley Fat Max donated by Sun River Electric, Holly Kuehn; homemade wooden cross donated by John and Leslie Schmitt, Krissy Ellsworth; poker table donated by G&M Bins, Garrett and Tayler Bolkcom; gas fire place donated by First Bank of Montana, Andrea Massey; handcrafted cutting board and wine donated by Nate and Shelley Batson, Larry Burbridge.

Live auction buyers: Greenfield School print by Diane Hausmann, Tammie Klinker; chiminea donated by Elaine Iverson, Kristen Becker; handcrafted sofa end table made by Ward Fifield, Cheryl Eatinger; eagle quilt donated by Jayette Rabb and quilted by Maryann Wattam, Brent Otness; buffalo pallet made by DJ Hightower and donated by Pearson Farms, Ahna Parcel; dessert of the month donated by Marlene Konen, Roy and Dan Konen; quilt made by Carrie Otness, Terrie Pearson; gift certificate from Open Gate Bull Sale, Levi and Kristen Ostberg; pottery made by Andy Watson, Phyllis Steinbach; Coors Light Bobcat sign donated by Miller-Coors, Ross Fitzgerald; sunflower barn wood art made by Lindsey Ratliff, Shelly Johnson.

Those winning items from the button drawing were: cooler donated by Mitch Johnson Insurance, Janae Butterfield; bike donated by DJ’s Pizza, Jet Clark; scooter donated by Pearson Farms and bike donated by Silver Dollar Bar, Megan Caffyn; basket donated by Frontline Ag, Wanda Brosten.