The Teton County Commissioners, meeting June 30, approved a token pay raise for county elected officials so that two deputies with administrative duties would be able to receive their longevity pay.

Commissioners Jim Hodgskiss, Joe Dellwo and Dick Snellman voted unanimously to approve a $1 pay raise for county elected officials for the fiscal year July 1, 2020, to June 30, 2021. The Teton County salary compensation board made that recommendation after meeting earlier in June.

Last year, the commissioners approved a 5% salary increase for elected officials, which also applies to sheriff’s deputies, whose salaries are calculated at 85% to 95% of what the sheriff earns.

The new salaries of the elected officials are: Clerk and Recorder/Election Administrator/Surveyor Jaconetty, $52,510.43 (includes a $2,000 stipend for election administrator duties); Clerk of District Court Lisa Sinton and Treasurer Diane Ameline, $49,160.43; County Commissioners Hodgskiss, Dellwo and Snellman (90% of full-time), $44,244.39 each plus per diem and mileage; County Attorney Coble, $113,323.85 ($72,311 from the state and $41,012.85 from the county); Sheriff/Coroner VanSetten, $64,941.03; Superintendent of Schools Cathy Sessions (90% of full-time), $44,643.48; and Justice of the Peace Rasmussen (95% of full-time), $46,701.45.

The $1 raise was key to allow VanSetten’s two administrative employees, not covered by the union that represents the deputies, to retain raises for longevity. This action affects Undersheriff Clint Ellsworth and Chief Deputy Mark Grove.

Employees covered by unions, including the deputies, dispatchers and Road Department, will receive already set longevity raises calculated at 1% of their base salary.

Meeting July 16, the commissioners awarded TC Glass of Great Falls a contract for $11,971 to replace the historic Teton County Courthouse’s north entrance. The project will entail new doors and window panes. TC Glass will demolish the existing entrance and dispose of the old materials.

The company will then install new door and window frames, new double doors and new windows, that will be outfitted with insulated glass. The county will also request a gray tint option for some of the upper window panels for an additional $254, and will look at a clear panel option on the bottom for an additional $338.

Hodgskiss said the work will be done before and after courthouse business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday) so that it does not interfere with the workday.

Jaconetty said the project will either be funded through the courthouse building’s capital projects account or through federal Payment in lieu of Taxes (PILT) revenue.

In other business, the commissioners:

•Renewed the county’s paperwork to participate in the state’s surplus property program in the new fiscal year, which started July 1.

•Renewed a memorandum of understanding with the Montana Wool Growers Association under which the county pays the MWGA the $1,014 in fees the county collects (at $.50 per head of sheep) for predator control. The MWGA then contracts with the USDA’s Wildlife Services to provide predator control response in Teton County.

•Approved an amendment to the Teton County Health Department’s contract with the state Department of Public Health and Human Services to administer and offer the state breast feeding program in a five-county region, raising the contract amount from $137,402 to $141,350.

•Signed final paperwork to accept a $32,641.44 Emergency Management Performance grant from the state Disaster and Emergency Services program. This annual grant provides the lion’s share of the funding for the Teton County DES program, administered by coordinator Deb Coverdell.

•Planned to meet again on Aug. 6 at 10 a.m. in the courthouse.