Details for LEGAL NOTICE. Choteau School District #1 has surplus items up

LEGAL NOTICE. Choteau School District #1 has surplus items up for sale as obsolete property. Items will be available for viewing and purchasing on Thursday, August 5 from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. These surplus items will be sold at the back of the high school gym in front of the school Quonset. Obsolete property includes- Weight Benches, Free Weights, Various Weight Equipment, Chairs; both student and adult, Fluorescent Light Fixtures, Books, Encyclopedias, Racks, Bookcases, Bus Wheel and Tire, Wax Machine, Racks, Overhead Projectors, Aquarium, Smart Table, Miscellaneous Teaching Supplies, Outdated Textbooks and Teacher Manuals, Digital Camera, Smart Boards, Califone Headphone Set, Miscellaneous Fluorescent Light Bulbs, (2) pianos, Exhaust Hood, Various Automotive Repair Manuals. The School District will consider any reasonable offers. Any of the approved obsolete property not purchased through this sale will be disposed of in the most appropriate manner. Any taxpayer of the School District may appeal this resolution at any time prior to August 5, 2021, by filing a verified petition with the Clerk of District Court and serving a copy of such petition upon the District. 2 Pubs., July 21 and 28, 2021. MNAXLP.