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(Editor’s note: Last week in Graying Pains, the Missoulian’s David Erickson examined the introduction and implementation of Kaigo Hoken, or care insurance, in Japan, the world’s demographically oldest country. This week’s conclusion of that story explores how a similar policy might translate…

(Editor’s Note: This is part one of a two-part story about financing elder care in aging populations. Part 2, “What new strategies could Montana explore?” will be published next week.)

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Last week’s Graying Pains story explored the challenges of family farm succession as Montana’s agricultural demographic ages, and a program designed to connect up-and-coming farmers in western Montana. This week’s installment explores the same issue — and a community college proposal to addr…

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Hunters interested in participating in “game-damage” hunts on private land or possible manag…

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June 28 — 12:20 a.m., motorist on Interstate 15 reported hitting a deer, resulting in no injures and minor damage to the vehicle.